IMC screening

The second drive-through testing event at New Iberia’s North Lewis Elementary School drew a crowd Wednesday morning.

During the three-hour screening, doctors, nurses and staff from Iberia Medical Center were on hand to evaluate and, if necessary, take samples from the people who showed up to be tested.

“We had 53 vehicles with 74 attendees,” said IMC Marketing Director Lisa Landry. “We took swabs from 19 of those attendees.”

As with last week’s screening, registered nurses took down basic information for the individuals wanting to be screened, including their temperature and a description of any symptoms they may have been experiencing. At the second station, those without a high temperature or who otherwise did not meet the criteria for COVID-19 were directed out of the line. 

Those who did display a high temperature or other signs of the disease were sent to a third station where they received a consultation from one of the three physicians on hand — Dr. Robert Lahasky, Dr. Edward Lisecki or Dr. Robert Hankenhof III. If the physician determined they were a candidate for testing, they were sent to the fourth station where a nasal swab was used to take a sample for an influenza test.

It was the other members who tested negative for influenza from that group who received counseling on the guidelines for being presumptive positive for the coronavirus and had their sample forwarded for COVID-19 testing.

Landry said the hospital leadership will meet early next week to determine if a third screening event will be held.


Dwayne Fatherree is the community editor for The Daily Iberian. He can be reached at

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