The 2021 Daily Iberian Eyes on the Teche winners all have two things in common: a love for the area’s natural beauty and a passion for photography.

Louisiana is known as the sportsman’s paradise and this year’s participants took that to heart and ran with it, demonstrating all that the state has to offer to its residents and visitors.

From fishing to crabbing, boating and hunting, the landmarks are literally picture perfect.

The winning photos, and dozens of others submitted by area shutterbugs, were published in the Teche Growth special insert inclued in Wednesday’s Daily Iberian.

First place winner Donna Kibbe took the top prize with her winning shot of “Fishing Among Cypress Trees” and was excited to showcase the area she’s always known.

“I’m very excited to win and I never expected it,” Kibbe said. “I’m just happy everyone liked it.”

While fishing with her husband, Kibbe said that she was going down a canal one early morning, and came around near a cluster of cypress trees during the sunrise.

“We just thought it was so beautiful,” Kibbe said. “I snapped it real quick with my phone.”

Placing second, Jamie Wagnon too grew up loving the outdoors. With her passion for the wilderness and all that it encompasses, Wagnon won with her “Lake Martin — Egret Strolling” photo.

One day while she was out kayaking at Lake Martin, a hobby she truly enjoys, Wagnon said she brought her camera, something she normally does, looking to get the perfect shot.

While out on the water, she said likes to get shots of different wildlife in the area and when she saw the egret strolling across, she knew she had to take a photo.

Being around the things she loves, doing what she loves, echoes back to Wagnon’s passions.

“I love the outdoors, being outdoors and of course photographing,” Wagnon said.

Coming in third, Dale Van Brocklin won with roots close to home — in the Teche Area’s backyard with his “Hummingbird at Rip Van Winkle.”

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