The New Iberia Police Department is taking one of the last steps to self-sufficiency with the purchase of its own communications system.

The police department currently uses the 911 office and dispatching out of the Iberia Parish Government office, essentially renting space. Chief Todd D’Albor said last week that he was hoping to consolidate communications with the rest of the department.

“The mayor and I and the fire chief met with Motorola to finalize the information to be able to move our communications department into our building,” D’Albor said at a City Council meeting Tuesday.

The City Council approved funding the purchase of dispatch consoles through Motorola at last Tuesday’s meeting. The equipment includes four dispatch console operator position with 45 radio resource licenses.

D’Albor said this is one of the moves needed to make the New Iberia Police Department completely self-sufficient.

“We want to start the last phase to pull everything all into one, which includes the call takers and dispatchers,” D’Albor said.

With the purchase, D’Albor said dispatchers would be able to use equipment that is owned by the city instead of the equipment leased by the 911 center.

A fully owned computer aided dispatch system would also make the NIPD more efficient, D’Albor said. The 911 department uses a CAD system called Caliber which isn’t used by the NIPD because it wasn’t cost efficient and didn’t do some things the city needed on the reporting side of law enforcement, D’Albor said.

“We can’t talk to our dispatchers through our computers basically, and dispatchers can’t talk to our cars,” D’Albor said.

With the purchase of a new console, the NIPD will be on a CAD system so that if a dispatcher sends a call out, he or she also would be typing the information into the system so that officers would see the information in real time on the computers in their units.

“That system eliminates a lot of radio traffic, this frees it up so it’s on the screen inside the car,” D’Albor said. “It also extracts all the information the dispatcher is typing in.”

The New Iberia Fire Department also would be able to use the consoles. The fired department also currently uses the parish 911 services. The new system would tie in with state dispatch in Baton Rouge, which would also streamline services, D’Albor said.


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