A blighted property in New Iberia may well be on its way to demolition if local government officials don’t hear from the owners soon. 

The New Iberia City Council held a hearing on the state of 1517 Adam Street at last week’s city council meeting, where interested parties showed up to update the council on the home. 

Building inspector Jimmy Landry said the council had reviewed the structure a month ago and made the decision to give a 30 day period for the owners of the home to present a corrective plan for the building. 

While the owners did not show up, relatives to the deceased former owner did show up. Joan and Edwin Guilbeaux said at the meeting that the house formerly belonged to Joan’s sibling but had since been handed over to her sister-in-laws side of the family. 

The current owners of the house on Adam Street was not in attendance at the meeting, and Joan Guilbeax said that her hands were tied. 

“I don’t have any rights to the house,” she said. “I’m trying to get them to sign it over but I’m having trouble with that.”

Landry said there was a lien on the property, and the lienholder was notified so the current owners are aware that the structure is being reviewed for demolition by the city council. 

Councilman David Broussard, who oversees the district the house is in, suggested giving 30 more days to allow the owners to come forward to the council to present a plan for the dilapidated building. 

“Those people have to be notified one more time, when we tear something down it’s drastic,” Broussard said. “If they don’t show up here, we’ll tear it down at the next meeting.”

City Attorney Jeff Simon said all of the legal notices have been filed required for the city to proceed. 

“I can double check to make sure we’ve got all that done,” Simon said. “If this can be solved with better communication, we always want private people to solve the problem.”

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