Blighted Properties: 608 Providence St.

The house at 608 Providence St. was put on a list of homes in dilapidated and dangerous conditions. The New Iberia City Council is hoping the owners of homes like these fix it themselves before the city ultimately votes on whether to demolish.

608 Providence St.

The rundown

This dilapidated property sits a few feet from St. Edward School on Providence Street, and is located only a few blocks from the Iberia Parish Courthouse. The Providence Street neighborhood is located with many homes situated tightly next to each other.

The issues

Property inspector Jimmy Landry said during the New Iberia City Council’s Oct 28 meeting that 608 Providence had previously been put on the property standards list two or three years ago. About six months after being taken off the list, a tree fell on the structure.

The response

The address was listed along with about seven other addresses that may be put up for demolition sometime next year. Mayor Freddie DeCourt gave a brief description of each property in the hopes that the owners will fix the issues themselves.

What’s next?

If no progress is shown, the council will likely begin the process of contacting the owner of the structure during a public meeting to see what the future plans for the property are. If the owner does not show up or if the council deems it necessary, the structure could be demolished sometime next year.

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