Suppose you are interested in making people feel good about themselves and are a fan of nail art. You begin searching online on how to become a manicurist. Behold! A flyer offering a nail class in your area in the next few weeks shows up in your search results or social media feed. The class is held for one day only, they offer instruction, nail kits, training manuals and a certificate. Sounds easy enough, right? The Better Business Bureau of Acadiana reminds consumers interested in taking this career path to do research before committing to any instructional course.

BBB Serving Acadiana answers questions to help consumers find the right manicurist course:

Q: What should I do before signing up for a course?

A: Do your research. Always ask the business for references, licensing and any other documentation deemed necessary. Be sure to follow up and verify the information provided. Make sure to check There you can see a business’ BBB Rating, complaint history and reviews from past customers. You can also use the BBB Directory to find a trustworthy company.

Q: What can I ask the business about?

A: Discuss the details. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Discuss the specifics of the course curriculum, make sure you understand exactly what you are getting and that it meets your goals.

Q: What happens if I am unable to make the class or dissatisfied with the services provided?

A: Understand refund/cancellation policies. Ask for a copy of the refund/cancellation policies and read through them carefully.

Q: What about Licensing?

A: Check your state license requirements. The one-day course offering may not meet necessary license requirements. Contact your state Board of Cosmetology or another governing agency. They may have a list of approved cosmetology schools or curriculum. Some states may require that license applicants have instruction from only approved schools and/or curriculums.

Q: What are Louisiana’s requirements for licensing?

A: In the State of Louisiana, the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology regulates, controls and monitors members of the • Cosmetology industry. Individual Licensing for a manicurist has the following requirements:

• Be at least 16 years of age

• Have a satisfactorily completed 10th grade from an approved high school

• 500 hours in an approved cosmetology school cosmetologist curriculum

• Passage of the required state board examinations

• Payment of proper fees

For More information

If you have any questions or concerns about cosmetology licenses, rules and laws, contact the Louisiana Board of Cosmetology at (800) 257-7901 or go to their website at

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