The following were booked into the parish jail:


Toby Paul Romero Jr., 28, 4010 Melancon Road. Theft of a firearm.

Shea Michael Francis Cunningham, 18, 614 Birch St. Pornography with a juvenile.

Ryan Patrick Meche, 43, 6800 Johnlewis Road. Domestic abuse - strangulation, failure to appear.

Celia Raye Brisson, 35, 238 Pollard Ave. Schedule II drugs.

Donna F. Primeaux, 46, 1419 S. Iberia St. Schedule II drugs.

Tylon C. Schaubert, 23, 2609 Old Jeanerette Road. Second degree battery.

Jose Villareal, 48, 316 Belaire Drive. Aggravated assault.

Kelly Janail Yokum, 41, 3040 Avery Island Road. Failure to appear, theft - multiple offender, entry/remaining after forbidden.


Cadan Alexander Obert, 18, 102 Russel St. Obstruction of justice, schedule I drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Ray P. Smith, 50, 1271 A. Bayou Portage, St. Martinville. Driving while intoxicated, open alcohol container in vehicle, violate one-way traffic.

Gregory Guidry Jr., 25, 121 Johnson Alley. Stalking.

Marilyn Marie Joseph, 34, 314 Deare St. Home invasion.

Dillon Horton, 27, 317-D Coteau Holmes Road, Loreauville. Aggravated obstruction of highway, switched license plate, no insurance, driver not licensed, disregarding stop/yield signs, registration certificate, flight from an officer, hit and run driving, general speed law, vehicle without required equipment.

David James Soileau, 36, 503 Park Ave. Domestic abuse - child endangerment, domestic abuse - strangulation.

Kameron Dale Bergeron, 20, 210 Rouly St. Aggravated battery, simple criminal damage under $500.


Sydney Terrell Faulk, 23, 522 Silver St. Attempted first degree murder, first degree robbery.

Laura Delcambre, 21, 100 Edgewater Drive. Driving while intoxicated, proper control of a vehicle.

Joe Ann Collins, 71, 314 Albert St. Aggravated battery.


Martez Armon Doucet, 23, 1017 Audrey Circle, St. Martinville. Principal to first degree murder.

Xerxes Dawson, 34, 703 S. Weeks St. Domestic abuse - child endangerment.

Ramon Munzo-Becerra, 28, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Two holds for other agencies.

Jaquante Jamall Alexander, 24, 900 Mississippi St. Schedule I drugs, possession schedule I narcotic.

Brady J. Castille, 49, 168 Eckard Drive. Possession of a controlled dangerous substance - schedule I, possession with intent - schedule I, possession of drug paraphernalia, violation of a protective order, felony carrying an illegal weapon, establish speed zones.


Jaquanton Williams, 28, 900 Mississippi St. Stalking, harassing phone calls, unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling, failure to appear.

Logan Miller, 32, 108 Dubas St., Lafayette. Violation of protective order.

Alexander Johnson, 35, 741 Mixon St. Failure to appear, contempt of court, fishing without a license.

Harley Michelle Delahoussaye, 27, 901 Daspit Road. Contempt of court.

Shannon Jude Viator, 48, no address given. Theft.

Stavian Paul August, 19, 1313 Jordan St. Two counts failure to appear, possession with intent - schedule I, possession of drug paraphernalia, simple battery.

Nikki Hawkins, 38, 110 Bonnet St. Domestic abuse - child endangerment.

Lagryant Deshawn Sparrow, 29, 909 Weeks St., Apt. C. Failure to appear, theft of a motor vehicle, domestic abuse - child endangerment, domestic abuse battery.


The following were booked into the parish jail:


Robert Lancelin Sr., 77, Baldwin. Careless operation, no insurance.

Dyreal Waleigh Notto, 19, Jeanerette. Improper display license plate, failure to signal turn, resisting arrest or officer, contributing to delinquency of a juvenile, obstruction of justice - tampering, possession of marijuana.

Titus Jones, 42, Baldwin. Possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, possession of schedule III drug with intent to distribute.

Brain Lively, 34, Jeanerette. Brake light out, no driver’s license, possession of schedule II - amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, possession of schedule IV - Xanax, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Sean Hulin, 24, Jeanerette. Possession of schedule I - synthetic cannabinoids, possession of drug paraphernalia, two counts failure to appear.

Thaddeaus Gabriel, 25, Baldwin. Possession of schedule I - marijuana.

Tyjuandre Tillman, 29, Baldwin. Possession of schedule I - marijuana.


Mariah Moore, 32, Franklin. Possession of drug paraphernalia.

April Adams Pontiff, 41, Franklin. Failure to appear.

Javon Robertson, 35, Jeanerette. Failure to signal 100 feet prior to an intersection, red light violation, no driver’s license, possession of schedule I - marijuana, possession of schedule II with intent to distribute - codeine, possession of drug paraphernalia, transactions involving drug proceeds.


John Emile Haydel, 57, Franklin. Possession of schedule II drug with intent to distribute, probation violation.

Kevin Paul Jenkins, 57, Baldwin. Failure to appear.


Alita Marie Tabb, 21, Baldwin. Two counts failure to appear.

J’Korde Jack, 24, Jeanerette. Possession of schedule I with intent to distribute - marijuana, possession of schedule IV controlled dangerous substance - Alprazolam, possession of schedule II controlled dangerous substance - Percocet, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a firearm in the presence of controlled dangerous substances, transaction involving drug proceeds from drug offenses, possession of controlled dangerous substances in the presence of a juvenile.

Barron Harris Jr., 24, Franklin. Following too close, no driver’s license, possession of marijuana.


Akeem Wiggins, 18, Franklin. Theft.


Brent Michael Savoie, 25, Franklin. Reckless operation - no accident.


Jamie Chris August, 45, Jeanerette. Domestic abuse battery, failure to appear.

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