The following were booked into the parish jail:


Ashton Luke Touchard, 29, 308 W. Broussard St. Two counts-failure to appear.

Crystal B. Bowers, 47, 2102 Castillo Road. Aggravated assault, cruelty to animals.

Sidney J. Bergeron, 58, 601 Curtis Drive, Franklin. Two counts-possession with intent-schedule II, possession of drug paraphernalia, hold for another agency.

Lance Paul Broussard, 36, 1503 Eden St. Failure to report change of address.

Mosey Malik James Young, 20, 1072 Alex Jean Batiste Road, St. Martinville. Possession with intent-schedule I, aggravated obstruction of highway, possession of drug paraphernalia, general speed law.

Charles L . Nerve, 37, 512 Babb Alley St. Theft, possession of stolen things, driver’s license suspended, no insurance, license plate switched.

Sandra Faye Theriot, 59, 1211 W. Main. Theft, criminal trespassing.

McDaniel James Narcisse, 29, 900 Mississippi St. Third degree-rape.

Lisa Marie Curtis-Provost, 39, 606 N. Lamar, Abbeville. Possession of methamphetamine, failure to appear.

Phoxay Kattavilavong Jr., 34, 3700 Melancon Road. Three counts-failure to appear.

Brent Lee Linzer, 35, 511 French St. Four counts-failure to appear.

Brenda Collins, 19, 812 Chevis St., Abbeville. Failure to appear.

Lamar James Alexander, 42, 7508 Trey Circle. Flight from an officer, left turn yield to oncoming traffic, driver’s license suspended, failure to appear.

Jaquan Malik Mitchell, 20, 238 Johnson Alley. Simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling.

Cory Michael Richardson, 36, 117 Taylor St. Possession with intent-schedule I.

Jake Joseph Melancon, 26, 5409 Avery Island Road. Domestic abuse with child endangerment, aggravated assault, illegal possession of stolen firearms, resisting an officer.

Jason Harold Young, 40, 3132 Elias Road, Erath. Hold for another agency.

Jasmine Peter Derouen, 29, 900 Mississippi St. Possession of drugs-schedule I, possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting an officer.


Jonathan Alvarez Soto, 36, 2911 Coteau Road. Driving while intoxicated, vehicle headlamp required.

Kendall James Smith, 35, 3618 Confection Drive. Three counts-hold for another agency.

Andre Anthony Romero, 27, 2619 Railroad Road. Possession of drug-schedule I.

Daryl Mire, 56, 1317 Girouard St. Aggravated battery.

Jason John Breaux, 40, 1204 Park Ave. Possession of stolen things, resisting an officer.

Richard James Touchet, 53, 1016 E. Pershing St. Possession of drugs-schedule II, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of legend drugs.

Gloria Ann Lavine, 61, 1600 Switzer Lane. Driving while intoxicated, hit and run driving, proper control of vehicle, tampering with signs.


James Robingson, 26, 1403 Iberia St. Failure to appear.

Sha’Lori L. Archangel, 22, 620 Mixon St. Simple battery, simple criminal damage to property, hold for another agency.

Cammie Lynn Cheramie, 27, 2619 Railroad Road. Possession of drugs-schedule I.

William James Walker, 34, 906 Yvonne St. Entry/remaining after forbidden.

Wilton John Landry Jr., 55, 101 Corinne St. Cruelty to the elderly/disabled, simple battery.

Joseph Taylor, 66, no address given. Theft/multiple offender.

Burrell Joseph Jones, 30, 803 W. Washington St. Theft of a motor vehicle.

Samuel Louis Thibodeaux, 43, 140 Constance. Failure to appear, domestic abuse battery, possession of stolen things.

Amiee D. Deoruen, 49, 4602 E. Old Spanish Trail. Domestic abuse battery, resisting an officer.


The following were booked into jail by the city:


Brian Riley, 49, 730 Rosalie St. Wrong way on one way, no driver’s license, aggravated flight, resisting with force/violence, open alcohol container in vehicle.

Briley Landry, 28, 2110 Cupcake Drive, Erath. Possession of drugs-schedule I, windshield/window obscured.

Rodney Baty, 53, 2019 Vida Shaw Road. Theft under $1000.

Marquita Manuel, 33, 116 Duke St., Broussard. Possession of drug paraphernalia.

Westin Benoit, 32, 4805 Greetown Road, DeRidder. Wrong way on one way, driving under suspension.


Derrick Johnson, 25, 1604 St. Joseph St. Failure to stop at stop sign, not securing registration, driver not licensed, open alcohol container in vehicle, driving while intoxicated.

William Bell, 26, 1505 Center St. Possession of synthetic marijuana, possession drug paraphernalia, theft.

Amy Hayes, 37, no address given. Unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling, remaining after forbidden.

Justin Savoy, 52, 1137 Weeks St. Domestic abuse battery with child endangerment.


Lois Brown, 52, 722 S. Hopkins St. Trespassing, criminal damage to property.

Damon Livingston, 38, 7100 Chastant Road. Battery on a police officer.

Ashleigh Harper, 26, 1901 Eraste Landry Road. Wrong way on a one way, driving while intoxicated.

Logan Duhon, 23, 7518 Jefferson Island Road. Possession of drug paraphernalia.

Bailey Vasquez, 19, 4010 Melancon Road. Possession of drugs-schedule I, monetary instrument abuse.

Frederick Bell, 61, 623 Hebert St. Theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, issuing worthless checks, monetary instrument abuse.


Terrel Tripeaux, 50, 1302 Adrian St. Simple battery.

Rodney Frilot, 27, 700 Walton St. Domestic abuse battery, domestic abuse battery with child endangerment, no seat belt, unlawful use of driver’s license.


Garylin Stokes, 38, 805 Hortense St. Disturbing the peace by profanity, disturbing the peace by intoxication.


The following were booked into the parish jail:


Kimberly Paige Druilhet, 22, 205 John St., Baldwin. Turning movements/signals required, careless operation, resisting an officer/arrest.

Harry L. Nerve, 65, 205 Talbot St., Franklin. Driving under suspension, possession of drug paraphernalia, mirrors required.

Tiesha L. Sam, 40, 1513 Gum St., Franklin. Turning movements/signals required, no insurance, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia.


Montre Paul Bowser, 19, 106 Baptiste St., Baldwin. Failure to appear.

Victor Mark Berthelot Jr., 41, 5727 Hwy. 182, Franklin. Failure to appear.

Sadie Elizabeth Percle, 27, 5727 Hwy. 182, Franklin. Two counts-failure to appear.

Joseph Herbert Gilchrist Jr., 27, 104 Live Oak St., Baldwin. Failure to appear.

Keed J. Viator, 53, 615 St. Charles St. Possession with intent-schedule I & II, possession of drug paraphernalia, transactions involving proceeds from drug offenses, possession of methamphetamine.

Joseph Felix Debuse, 33, 338 Magnolia Ave., New Iberia. Possession of marijuana, possession of drugs-schedule II.


The following were booked into the city jail:


Keed Viator, 52, Lawrence Road, Abbeville. Possession of drugs-schedule II/methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Alvin Trosclair III, 49, Chitimacha Trail, Charenton. Possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to appear.

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