The following were booked into the parish jail:


Jecory D. Riles, 32, 3770 Toledo Road, Jacksonville, Florida. Parole violation.

Joseph Thomas III, 58, 111 Myra St., Franklin. Failure to appear.

Tylon C. Schaubert, 23, 2609 Old Jeanerette Road. Second degree battery.

Ricky Bourque, 61, 1511 Lurent Amentor. Indecent behavior with juveniles.

Shawn Simon Domingue, 33, 315 Amesbury Drive, Lafayette. Two holds for other agencies.

Antonie Flood, 44, no address given. Disturbing the peace ­- drunk, disturbing the peace - cursing, resisting by refusing to identify.


Luis Alejo-Torres, 40, 1735 Aldine Mail Road, Houston, Texas. Hold for another agency.

Christopher Ja Hill, 58, 316 W. Pershing St. Resisting police officer with force, resisting by refusing to identify, battery/police officer, off road vehicle on roadway, driver’s license suspended.

Noah James Viator Jr., 21, 5106 Ben Circle. Schedule II drugs, obstruction of justice, possession of drug paraphernalia, theft.


Joseph Major Broussard, 37, 113 Suard Road. Hold for another agency.

Rannon Durrel Fletcher, 35, 1212 Field St. Three counts failure to appear, schedule II drugs, simple battery, entry/remaining after being forbidden.


Tramichael Deshawn Polk, 30, 5405 Highway 87, Franklin. Illegal use of weapon.

Travon Anothony Polk, 28, 910 Cypremort St., Jeanerette. Illegal use of weapon.

Lance Michael Narcisse, 33, 1120 Tupelo St. Possession with intent - schedule II, transactions involving proceeds from drug offenses, drive on right if possible, speeding, hit and run driving, resisting an officer, violation of controlled dangerous substances law, second or subsequent offenses, obstruction of justice.

Devan Lamar Hogan, 30, 103 Vita Lane, Opelousas. Driving while intoxicated, proper control of vehicle.

Anthony James Londo, 50, 5102 E. Hwy. 90. Driving while intoxicated, driving not licensed, driving on right if possible.


Bryce Joseph Calandrelli, 19, 7606 Carla Court. Resisting police officer with force, battery of a police officer.

Brandon James Poirier, 31, 817 Beverly St. Violation of protective order, possession schedule 1 - marijuana, no liability insurance, driver’s license suspended, owner vehicle registration.

Shamie Lynn McDaniel, 33, No address given. Six counts of failure to appear, schedule II drug, unauthorized use of a movable, possession of marijuana - first offense, simple battery.

Dayton James Romero, 22, 211 S. Dooley St., Delcambre. Librs/immovable structures, criminal trespassing.

Cade Thielen, 20, 513 Aremntor St. False imprisonment, domestic abuse battery.

Devin Micheal Cahee, 28, 904 Verne. Three counts failure to appear, possession of schedule 1 drugs, schedule II drugs, second or subsequent offenses.

Kelsha Desha Smith, 28, 200 Dominion Park, Houston, Texas. Failure to appear.

Brenda Joyce Collins, 20, 207 N. Chestnut St. Failure to appear.

Brittney Rene Maturin, 32, 5404 Bull Island Road, Erath. Domestic abuse aggravated assault.

Joel Branch McDaniel, 18, 4331 Eve Road, Erath. Possession of marijuana - first offense, possession of drug paraphernalia, obstruction of justice.


Angelle Maria Louviere-Olander, 27, 2612 N. Curtis Drive. Driving while intoxicated - first offense, proper control of vehicle, no seat belt in use law.

Michael Anthony Thomas, 34, 103 Live Oak. Hold for another agency.

Devin L. Williams, 51, 1017 Shelton Ave. Driving while intoxicated, driver’s license suspended, open alcohol container in vehicle.


Lamarcus Kentrell Daniels, 31, 616 Lafayette St. Unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling, felony carrying illegal weapon, possession of schedule I - marijuana, use of wireless device prohibited, driving while intoxicated - first offense, parole violation.

Corray Jamaal Veney, 36, 210 Dorsey St. Domestic abuse battery, parole violation.

Jesse Adam Brown, 35, no address given. Aggravated arson, possession of drug paraphernalia, schedule II drugs, simple criminal damage under $500, terrorizing.

LeeMichael James Cormier, 30, 309 Magnolia St. Unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling.


Cody Scott Boutte, 29, 1915 N. College Road. Violation of protective order.

Sali Chanthalangsy, 26, 414 Austin Road, Youngsville. Driving while intoxicated - third offense, reckless operation of a vehicle, drag racing on highway.

Kevin Grossie, 57, 7512 Lakewood, Erath. Driving while intoxicated, proper control of vehicle, driving roadway laned for traffic, turning/required signal.

Ryan Colby Sinegal, 33, 219 E. Valcourt, Abbeville. Hold for another agency.

Cory Lashawn Hills, 36, 8018 E. Admiral Doyle Drive. Domestic abuse battery.

Harry Smith Jr., 40, 1507 Macho Grande. Attempted theft, criminal trespassing, attempted simple burglary, theft.

Fernando Diaz-Diaz, 37, 1575 Duchamp Road, Broussard. Driving while intoxicated, driver not licensed, driving roadway laned for traffic, open alcohol container in vehicle.


Brandon James Smtih Sr., 30, 906 Yvonne St. Five counts failure to appear, failure to register as a sex offender, failure to notify sex offender temporary lodging.

Jordan Christopher Franklin, 21. 251 Gabreten Lane, Thibodeaux. Hold for another agency.

Brison Jay Green, 22, 506 Grand Prix. Librs/rubbing/touching.

Tre James Landry, 25, 224 Guadalupe St. Two counts failure to appear.

Andrew Bernard, 20, 1430 Gonsoulin Road, Jeanerette. Obstruction of justice, resisting an officer, possession of schedule I - marijuana.

Mark A. Belaire, 44, 1103 Mouton Ave., Parks. Aggravated flight from an officer, tail lamps, vehicle license required, owner vehicle registration, liability security required, motorcycle endorsement needed.


The following were booked into the city jail:

May 13

Marie Sophus, 65, Isabella St., Franklin. Resisting an officer, remaining where forbidden and criminal trespassing.

Jarmontay Roberson, 27, Robertson St., Franklin. Aggravated battery and probation violation.

Irvyon James, 18, Seventh St., Franklin. Failure to yield for emergency vehicle, establishing of speed zone, no driver’s license, stop sign violation, possession of schedule I narcotics, illegal possession of a stolen firearm, two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile and illegal carrying of a firearm.

Darien Mitchell, 24, Adrian St., New Iberia. Off-road vehicle, operating a vehicle while suspended, stop sign violation, speeding and reckless operation.

Barron Collins, 32, Pecot St., Franklin. Battery on a dating partner and criminal damage to property.

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