The following were booked into the parish jail:


Jenny Rene Hebert, 28, 508 Franks Alley, Abbeville. Possession of drugs-schedule II, possession of drug paraphernalia, driver’s license suspended, hold for another agency.

Michael Bourque, 38, 1707 Anderson St. Second-driving while intoxicated, driver’s license suspended.

Jake J. Quintana, 35, 508 Franks Alley, Abbeville. Failure to appear, three counts-hold for another agency.

Iesha Keen Sereal, 29, 602 Yvonne St. Aggravated battery, domestic abuse/aggravated assault, battery of a police officer, resisting an officer with force,, domestic abuse battery, failure to appear.

Jamicheal Paul Talmore, 30, 419 Calhoun St. Three counts-failure to appear, domestic abuse/aggravated assault.

Stacy Eve Senette, 48, 7607 Gondran St. Hold for another agency, exploitation of the elderly/disabled.

Christopher Germaine Anderson, 22, 714 Hebert St. Simple burglary.


Martin Joseph Leonard, 32, 610 Ambassador Lemelle. Hold for another agency, simple burglary, illegal carrying of weapons.

Kit Daniel Cazelot, 29, 7663 Main Hwy., St. Martinville. Probation violation.

Roland Boutte Jr., 23, 420 Sorrel Road, Jeanerette. Violation of a protective order.

Davontae Arckell Dauphine, 21, 1725 Cypress Island Hwy., St. Martinville. Violation of probation.

Gernard Anthony Casbon Jr., 48, 4619 Old LA 25. Contempt of court.

Skyler Luke Theriot, 36, 7112 Leleux Road. Violation of a protective order.

Ron Christopher Landry, 49, 209 Sucre Cir., Abbeville. Hold for another agency.

John Allen Darby, 31, 2006 Badger Trail. Possession of stolen things.

Caleb Jade Hebert, 35, 1211 W. Main St. Violation of probation.

Enrique Flores, 46, 1409 Southport Blvd. Domestic abuse/aggravated assault.


An Ly, 46, 6601 E. Admiral Doyle Drive. Driving while intoxicated, driving on roadway lined for traffic.

Noah Sharpe, 21, 316 Ashton St. Violation of probation.

Aprill Foulcard, 49, 700 Hebert St., Jeanerette. Malfeasance in office.

Cody LaJohn Williams, 27, 642 Wild Cherry Road, Breaux Bridge. Hold for another agency.

Jaret Lee Migues, 30, 211 Willow Wood. Monetary instrument abuse.

Ryan Douglas Polk Jr., 19, 6112 Marion Road. Possession of drugs-schedule I, possession of drug paraphernalia, obstruction of justice.

Stephen Terell Boutte, 21, 1606 St. Joseph St. Entry/remaining after forbidden, hold for another agency.

John Bee Romero, 47, 608 San Jacinto. Theft.

Vann Mical Cahannin, 26, 4618 Old LA 25. Failure to appear.


Kondrick Devon King, 43, 905 Lombard St. Registration of sex offenders.

John Gerard Jr., 41, 5018 Norris Road. Failure to appear, hold for another agency.

Enrique Bernal, 61, 1803 Hannah Drive, Edinburg, TX. Failure to appear.

Joseph Jerome Francis, 31, 1509 Rogers St. Hold for another agency, possession with intent-schedule I & II, possession of drugs-schedule V, possession of a firearm with controlled dangerous substance, violation of controlled dangerous substances law, probation violation.

Dana Lopez Jr., 31, 912 Yvonne St. Possession of drugs-schedule II.

Charlie Zachery Welcome, 54, no address given. Entry/remaining after forbidden.

Tathisha S. Doucet, 40, 1603 St. Joseph St. Hold for another agency.

Philip Paul Proulx, 34, 626 Mississippi St. Second degree-battery, hold for another agency.

Donna F. Primeaux, 45, 1419 S. Iberia St. Possession of drugs-schedule II.

Quintella Terya Juneau, 27, 1004 St. Jude St. Possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of with intent-schedule II.

Bryce Jacob Dupuis, 26, 1612 Hopkins St. Failure to appear.


Brian Jude Corsey Jr., 37, 604 Bank Ave. Two counts-failure to appear.

Preston Wayne Fruge, 24, no address given. Probation violation.

Terry Lynn Lewis, 43, 715 Providence St. Hold for another agency, four counts-failure to appear.

Brittany Shea Maturin, 29, 501 Darby Lane. Failure to appear.

Randell Louis Henry, 49, 415 Center St. Possession of drugs-schedule II.

David Anthony Landry, 47, 4716 Creighton Drive. possession of methamphetamine.

Sanford Sander Sims, 40, 1201 David St. Two counts-possession of drugs-schedule I.

Roy Gary III, 41, 3015 Sanford Ave., Shreveport. Two counts-failure to appear.

Donald Ray Pradia, 47, 101 S. Corinne St. Violation of probation, failure to appear.


Peggy Elizabeth Milliman, 38, 602 McDonald St. Two counts-possession of drugs-schedule II.

Drew R. Baugher, 30, 111 Rizzo St., Patterson. Dating partner abuse.


The following were booked into the parish jail:


Brennin Ray Schouest, 21, 1320 Hwy. 319, Cypremort Point. Improper lane usage, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia in a drug-free zone.

Derrick Matthews Turner, 39, 637 Cypremort Road, Franklin. Driving under suspension, proper equipment required on vehicle.

Travis Griffin, 38, 309 Orphan Home Road, Baldwin. Driving left of center, possession of marijuana.


Willis Edward Petree, 64, 146 Ernie’s Lane, Franklin. Reckless operation without accident, disturbing the peace by intoxication.

Alister Clay Burgess, 35, 246 Chitimacha Loop, Charenton. Aggravated flight from an officer, reckless operation without accident, driving under suspension, failure to appear.


Terrell James Tripeaux, 50, 1302 Adrian St., New Iberia. Possession of cocaine, simple battery.

Charise Kay Suire, 33, 818 Bank Ave., New Iberia. Possession of cocaine.

Keenze Howard Sr., 429 Ninth St., Franklin. Failure to appear.


Manuel P. Willis Jr., 28, 604 Morris St., Franklin. Turning movements/signals required, driving under suspension, resisting arrest/officer.


Michael E. McClain, 45, 142 Easy St., Franklin. License plate lights required, possession of marijuana.

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