The following were booked into the parish jail:


Jerry Dwayne Hale, 36, 5110 Jules Boudreaux Road. Parole violation.

Destin Anthony Delahoussaye, 24, 2813 Coteau Road. Illegal carrying of weapons, two counts-possession of drugs-schedule II, unlawful use of body armor, possession of firearm with controlled dangerous substances, two counts-possession of drug paraphernalia, violation of controlled dangerous substances law, driving while intoxicated, hit and run driving, open alcohol container in vehicle, license plate switched, driver not licensed, resisting an officer, no insurance, flight using motor vehicle, possession of marijuana over 200 grams, contraband in a correctional center.

John Paul Segura, 56, 5210 Norris Road. Theft.

Beau Casey Orson Sr., 38, 301 Dugas Road. Simple criminal damage to property, negligent injuring.

David James Estelle, 26, 5615 Hwy. 14. Failure to appear, parole violation.

Dale Dore, 28, 710 Iberia St. Possession of drugs-schedule IV, possession with intent-schedule I.

Francisco Vazquez, 43, 505 Harriet St. Turning signal required, possession of drugs-schedule II, driving on roadway laned for traffic.


Kentrell A. Gabriel, 22, 624 Henkle St., Jeanerette. Illegal possession of firearms, speeding, felony carrying illegal weapon, possession of weapon on school grounds.

Alvin Bonin, 29, 314 D. Judice Road. Domestic abuse by strangulation.

Candace Lanae Harris, 23, 615 St. Peter St. Hold for another agency, failure to appear, possession of marijuana, obstruction of justice, resisting an officer.

Dwayne Joseph Viator, 50, 616 Weeks St. Criminal trespassing, possession of drugs-schedule II & IV.

Linda Ann Lopez, 59, no address given. Aggravated battery.


Deving Michael Cahee, 27, 904 Verna St. Possession of drugs-schedule I & II.


Maurice A. Huval, 58, 2222 Carmel Ave., Lafayette. Violation of probation.

Paul James Frederick, 26, 6334 S. Hwy. 82, Abbeville. Hold for another agency.

Jennifer Spence Broussard, 40, 1702 Guy Road. Theft.

Brian Keith Lively, 32, 2006 Patricia Anne, Jeanerette. Failure to appear.

Clyde Michael Williams, 33, 400 Camellia Ave., Jeanerette. Oscenity.

Vernon Charles Viator, 54, 112 Countryside Drive, Youngsville. Theft.

Monique Renee Theriot, 31, 6803 E. Admiral Doyle Drive. Failure to appear.

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