The following were booked into the parish jail:


Frank J. Guilbeau, 32, 218 W. Prosper St., Chalmette. Failure to register as a sex offender.

Angelica Marie Martin, 48, 524 Ann St. Aggravated battery.

Tina L. Charpentier, 39, 6719 Fremin. Identity theft.

Kenneth Washington, 27, 2227 Toledano St., New Orleans. Manslaughter, first degree-robbery.

Phillip Williams, 23, 1049 Shot St. Armed robbery with firearm.

Travis M. Watson, 26, 620 W. Grant St., Baton Rouge. First degree-robbery.

Jeremy Watts, 22, 734 Albert St., Mandeville. Third degree-robbery, second degree-battery, purse snatching.

Spencer M. Williams, 29, 52 Brooklawn Cir., Shorter, AL. Contraband in a correctional center, simple burglary, armed robbery with firearm, simple burglary.

Dandrel Williams, 24, 134 Ofo Rd., Marksville. Simple burglary, first degree-robbery, illegal possession of stolen firearms.

Taylor R. Weatherspoon, 22, 1819 Harvard St., Alexandria. Unauthorized use of a movable, possession with intent-schedule I, simple burglary, contraband in correctional center.

Jessie Williams, 65, 4232 Joe Louis St., Shreveport. Possession with intent-schedule I.

Todd Williams, 26, 1023 W. South St., Opelousas. Possession with intent-schedule I, first degree-robbery, possession of drugs-schedule II.

Sidney Williams, 28, 1504 Elmira Ave., New Orleans. Second degree-rape, sexual battery, two counts-contraband in correctional center, obscenity, two counts-second degree-battery.

Roosevelt J. West, 33, 415 Trafaida Drive, Slidell. Obscenity.

Craig L. Willis, 28, 9048 G S R I Ave., Baton Rouge. First degree-robbery.

Howard J. Willis, 29, 119 Illinois St., Lafayette. Felony carrying an illegal weapon, third degree-robbery, two counts-aggravated battery, contraband in correctional center, second degree-aggravated battery.

Christopher Williams, 26, 4927 Galahad St., New Orleans. First degree-robbery, aggravated flight from an officer, manslaughter.

Xavier Clark, 27, 4304 White St., Monroe. Carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

Terrell L. Anderson, 30, 9135 Appcourt St., New Orleans. Possession of a firearm with controlled dangerous substances, armed robbery with firearm.

Montraygo L. Drake, 37, 909 McGee St., Monroe. Possession of drugs-schedule II, illegal possession of stolen firearms, felony carrying illegal weapon.

Anthony Voorhies, 28, 412 Oak St., Ville Platte. Simple and aggravated escape, first degree-robbery.

Bryson Conner, 24, 607 Eighth St., Ferriday. First degree-robbery, home invasion.

Timon Carto, 23, 1461 W. Chealsea St., Harvey. Third degree-robbery.

Jerry Ward, 37, 563 Woodberry Road, Jackson, MS. Third degree-rape, contraband in correctional center.

Craig L. Davis, 32, 2929 General Doolittle St., Lake Charles. Pandering.

Kevin L. Davenport, 30, 1201 Proctor St., Jonesville. Aggravated battery.

Tony Warner, 36, 2614 Cleveland St., New Orleans. Two counts-possession of drugs-schedule I & II.

Jacob Washington, 26, 5390 Fairfield Ave., Baton Rouge. Aggravated flight from an officer, second degree-robbery.

Tyler Jude Darby, 29, 509 Ernest St. Possession of drugs-schedule II, theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, theft from a motor vehicle.

William Limuel Wayne Reaux, 23, 2902 Holly Ave. Violation of probation.

Brennon James Speer, 28, 422 Providence St. Violation of probation, domestic abuse/aggravated assault.

Kayla Marie Darby, 35, 1117 Crestview St. Violation of probation.

Tanner Wade Beglau, 31, 3501 E. Old Spanish Trail. Violation of probation.

Rickie Joseph Myers, 26, 113 Reynolds St. Violation of a protective order.


Nicholas Jones, 32, 1579 Duchamp Road, Broussard. Failure to appear.

Shelly Broussard, 41, no address given. Possession of drugs-schedule II, careless operation.

Marlon James Wiltz, 33, 307 Burbank Road, Rayne. Hold for another agency.

Devon Christopher Sonnier, 30, 6105 E. Hwy 90. Obstruction of justice, possession of drugs-schedule I.

Marklin James Reaux Jr., 30, 205 Pollard Ave. Violation of probation.

Akeem J. Williams, 22, 610 Yvonne St. Aggravated assault with a firearm, home invasion, possession of drugs-schedule I.

Lonnie Gold, 21, 129 Robertson St. Domestic abuse battery.

Michael Wendell Spencer, 30, 603 Pear St., Jeanerette. Aggravated battery.


The following were booked into the parish jail:


Clarence Anthony Williams III, 27, 603 Robert St., Franklin. Speeding 20 to 25 mph.

Shane Theriot, 47, 216 Sanaren St., Charenton. Domestic abuse battery.


Cutter Paul Naquin, 19, 1754 Hwy. 83, Franklin. Attempted second degree-murder.


The following were booked into the city jail:


LaMonika Dwyer, 41, Flat Town Road, Charenton. Theft.


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