The following were booked into the city jail:


Jade LeBlanc, 26, Georgia Street, Jeanerette. Suspended driver’s license, stop sign violation, switched license plate, possession of drugs-schedule I/marijuana, six counts-possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a firearm in the presence of a controlled dangerous substance.

MAY 12

JaQuan Verrett, 21, Sixth Street, Franklin. Two counts-possession of with intent-schedule I, violation of controlled dangerous substance in drug free zone, illegal use of weapons, illegal carrying of weapons.

MAY 15

Aaron Lightfoot, 32, Ninth Street, Franklin. Two counts-domestic abuse with child endangerment, attempted aggravated criminal damage to property, domestic abuse battery by strangulation.

Altoneshia Dugas, 18, Blakesley Street, Franklin. Domestic abuse battery.

Alton Fine, 29, Blakesley Street, Franklin. Domestic abuse battery by strangulation.

MAY 18

Eric Benjamin, 62, Willow Street, Franklin. Simple battery, simple battery on a peace officer.

MAY 19

Jake Burke, 26, St. John St., Franklin. Remaining where forbidden, simple criminal damage to property.

MAY 20

Joseph McDaniel, 39, Second Street, Franklin. Simple battery.

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