Shadows-on-the-Teche held a community writing workshop Saturday that gave a sneak preview of the dramatic work “First Light.”

Led by Ifa Bayeza, who had previously worked on “Bunk Johnson Out of the Shadows!,” a production presented by Shadows-on-theTeche, the work took place at the Shadows Visitors Center with a full room of interested attendees.

Bayeza was chosen by the National Trust for Historic Preservation to present a play about New Iberia jazz trumpeter Bunk Johnson, and was chosen again for “First Light.”

The piece is part of a larger effort called “Telling the Full History,” which will be released next year. The work was filled with people involved in the workshop who took part in the dramatic piece.

“First Light” presents African-American experiences in New Iberia, from its African, Native American and European roots to the Civil Rights Movement.

Participants in the workshop included Charles Porter, Kelly Porter, Elton Broussard Jr. Jackie Reedom, Mary Margaret Bell and Phebe Hayes. The hour-long event Saturday was presented in five movements.

“Telling the Full History” showcases homegrown talent and the traditions, cultural impact and history of New Iberia’s black neighborhoods and families in an original performance to be presented in September 2020 at The Shadows.

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