A Spot for Tea to host L’acadian Art Guild Showcase to promote local artists

A wall of art work on display at A Spot for Tea as they play host to the L’acadian Art Guild Showcase. The event is used to highlight artists from the surrounding area.

Looking to showcase local artists, A Spot For Tea is hosting the L’acadian Art Guild Showcase today, giving artists around the Acadiana area an opportunity to earn recognition on their works

The event, which runs from 10 a.m to 9 p.m, is free and open to the public, has paintings from artists that include Paul Schexnayder, Jerome Weber and L’acadian Art Guild Showcase members Gail Trim, Nan Landry, Susan Nugent Clark and Bobi Lyon.

“We partnered with L’acadian Art Guild to highlight local artists,” A Spot For Tea owner Dana Romero said. “We want to give them a place to showcase their artwork in New Iberia.”

Romero said A Spot For Tea doesn’t have a history of hosting art galleries but want to start doing so to help show the talents of New Iberia’s local artists.

“It’s been great to see some of the people come in, stand and look,” Romero said.

The Daily Iberian spoke with Romero on the showcase, what to expect and more.

What are some of the works we can expect from the local artists?

Everything from local scenes to even pictures of Santa Claus. It’s a wide variety of art. Its an eclectic mix of different subjects.

Are these local artists?

Yes, these are all local artists. Yes. the Guild picked these particular artists.

Why do you think local artists should be showcased?

What’s important to us in showcasing these artists is that there is so much talent in the area and we wanted to be able to give them a showcase the talent because we have a lot of tourists who come in and all of the art is for sale.

So what is your hope with that?

We want some of these local artists to have their paintings in different parts of the world like Saudi Arabia or Korea or maybe somewhere else. Instead of having a French painter having a painting hanging somewhere here in New Iberia, it would be nice to have a Paul Schexnayder painting hanging here in Paris.

What do you want the people of New Iberia to know about your showcase?

It’s just not for tourists, it’s also for locals. We want to inspire the locals and give them a place to showcase the arts. But also inspire them and their inner artist. I think that’s a great thing to do. Jerome Webber didn’t start painting until later in life and look at him now. He has the sugar cane festival poster for his year.

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