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Results for the 4-H Sugar Cookery cookoff top awards were still being calculated when these pictures were taken of first place winners — the missing bites prove they were sampled by judges and the photographer. From left, the eye-catching taste-bud pleasing desserts include Pecan Pie Bars by Brianna Boutte, Vanilla Cake by Aubry Tran and Banana Foster Nut Bread by Amalie Goudeau.

Prepare for the holidays with new recipes

Have you seen the young cooks on the Food Channel who are cooking like pros? They are amazing and put me to shame with their ability to talk knowledgeably about flavor combinations that never occur to most to combine.

Thanks to the 4-H program and the Sugar Cookery annual baking competition during the Louisiana Sugar Cane Festival & Fair, we have some new recipes to consider for the upcoming holiday season. Stopping by the Cyr-Gates Community Center in New Iberia’s City Park gave this writer the chance to taste some of the winning recipes — and take snapshots of other winning combinations.

Congratulations to all the students who participated this year, 218 in all. Patrice Cahee, the 4-H nutrition educator in charge of this year’s cookoff, thought it was the biggest turnout ever.

“I love the fact that more kids are getting into the kitchen cooking,” said Cahee. “They seem to really be excited about it and loving it. If you love to be in the kitchen or have a parent that’s a baker, it’s a passion. That’s how I look at cooking and baking. If you have a passion and you’re a kid, or you want to show off your skills, Sugar Cookery allows you to do that. This gives you the chance to explore yourself and continue growing.”

One usual judge came by but was not a sampler this year. Catherine Segura stopped by the judging with her husband, King Sucrose LXXVII Donald Segura.

Marti Harrell also was one of the many judges sampling this year and in the perfect category for her liking.

“It was very hard. I love especially peanut butter fudge, so it was hard for me not to honor that taste bud,” Harrell said. “But honestly I was very excited that a peanut butter fudge won first place. A chocolate fudge was second.”

Harrell was not the only judge for the category so her preference wasn’t the only deciding factor.

Top Honors

In addition to all the awards and winners for each category, there are four top winners. Grand Champion for Baked goods was Joseph Phillips, a student from Homeschool on the Teche who won first place with his Brownies. The Reserve Champion for Baked goods was Aubry Tran, Epiphany Day School, first place in Cakes.

Kyle Clifton, Loreauville High School, took first place for Pralines winning Grand Champion in Non-Baked and Emilie Richard, New Iberia Senior High School, won first place for Fudge and Non-Baked Reserve Champion.

Students participating and winning 4-H bragging rights include the following.

SUGAR COOKIES — Kody Arton 1st, Mason Sellers 2nd, Sofie Mitchell 3rd, Vi Nguyen 4th, Garret Ledford 5th; Blue Ribbons for Dylan Hines, Luci Geoffroy and Eloise Derouen; and Red Ribbons for Sarah Boudreaux, Jack Landry, Haleigh Broussard, Layla Chataigner, Ysabel Saensane , Madalynn Salsman, Madison Brent, Daniel Trotter, Emma Johnson, Noah Louviere, Isabelle Breaux, Kyle Clifton and Kaylen Daniels.

OATMEAL COOKIES — Kinsey Buteaux 1st, Kaleb Gathe 2nd, Catherine Gathe 3rd, Jack Landry 4th, Vivian Charpentier 5th; and Blue Ribbons for Malory Segura, Holly Hebert, Olivia Landry, Nathaniel Trotter and Blake Gisclair; Red Ribbons for Demontrevon Celestine, Malia Schexnayder, Briton Segura, Luci Geoffroy, Gavyn Stevens and Sofie Mitchell.

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES — Holly Hebert 1st, Briton Segura 2nd, Kyle Clifton 3rd, Sofie Mitchell 4th and Kennedy Maggio 5th; Blue Ribbons for Chacelyn Peltier, Jack Landry, Jordan Romero and Mya Foret; Red Ribbons for Sarah Boudreaux, Landon Courville, Ayce Aucoin, Bryce Delcambre, Ysabel Saensane, Tara Segura, Gavyn Stevens, Kay’len Alexander, Emaleigh Broussard, Kyla Hunter, Cora Landry, Noah Louviere, Ashleigh Delahoussaye, Talyn Cooper and Macy Decourt; and Honorable Mention for Kassidi Johnson and Kaylen Daniels.

PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES — Maddie Aucoin 1st, Owen Broussard 2nd, Alli Armentor 3rd, Sami Jo Jamieson 4th and Joseph Phillips 5th; Red Ribbons for Sandy Latiolais, Chloe Crochet, Samuel Crochet , Keviney Barideaux, Caitlin Migues, Adrianna Pisani, Briannia Roberts, Sara Romero, Kaylen Daniels and Blake Gisclair.

ANY OTHER COOKIE — Talyn Cooper 1st, Amalie Cormier 2nd, Chacelyn Peltier 3rd, Blaze Bourque 4th and Van Nguyen 5th; Red Ribbons for Kinsey Buteaux, Marianna Lagunas, Olivia Landry, Ainsley Kaiser, Catherine Gathe, Ayce Aucoin, Briana Istre, Chloe Thibodeaux, Maddox Charpentier, Hallie Harvison, Abby Delahoussaye, Amalie Goudeau, Gregory Phillips, Jeanette Arton, Mason Sellers, Cameron Stevens, Savannah Williams, Alivia Gathe, Jacob Helms, Zachariah Lancon, Sabrina Lagunas, Sara Romero, Zoey Demarcay, Lillie Roy and Blake Gisclair.

BROWNIES — Joseph Phillips 1st, Malia Schexnayder 2nd, Sofie Mitchell 3rd, Cameron Stevens 4th and Jeanette Arton 5th; Blue Ribbons for Daten Boudwin, Holly Hebert, Ysabel Saensane, Jack Landry, Olivia Landry, Adrianna Pisani, Emma Johnson, Kaite Lancon and Victoria Watson; Red Ribbons for Alberteen Washington, Hollie Metz, Kinsey Buteaux, Sarah Boudreaux, Jade Fuller, Maddie Aucoin, Grace Thibodeaux, Chloe Thibodeaux and Gavyn Stevens.

CAKES — Aubry Tran 1st, Madison Hargrave 2nd, Clare Phillips 3rd, Kyle Clifton 4th and Killey Menard 5th; Blue Ribbons for Owen Broussard, A’Myri Sam, Hallie Harvison, Olivia Landry, Kay’len Alexander, Adrianna Pisani, Hayleigh Trahan, Zachary Guillory, Amber Armentor, Alexis Saensane, Ireland Homan, Brooklyn Gaspard and Kyrie Touriac; Red Ribbons for Lucas Crochet, Daniel David, Luci Geoffroy, Jack Landry, Jeanette Arton, Gavyn Stevens, Jillian Boudreaux, Mya Foret, Kaleb Gathe, Cora Landry, Alora Guilbeau, Grace Delahoussaye and Landon Mogerman.

PRALINES — Kyle Clifton 1st, Darolyn Bowie 2nd, Grant Delcambre 3rd, Olivia Landry 4th and Hollie Metz 5th; Blue Ribbon for Jack Landry; and Red Ribbon for Maria Poirrier, Caitlin Migues, Kennedy Maggio and Kaylen Daniels.

FUDGE — Emilie Richard 1st, Evan Bourque 2nd, Malory Segura 3rd, Logan Shores 4th and Kody Arton 5th; Red Ribbons for Kylin Comeaux, Gavyn Stevens, Harley Courville, Shaylee Gibson, Amelie Cormier, Zachary Cormier and Honorable Mention for Chloe Thibodeaux.

ANY OTHER CANDY — Ethan Shores 1st, Hunter Gathe 2nd, Aubrey Menard 3rd, Adrianna Pisani 4th and Darolyn Bowie 5th; Blue Ribbons for Holly Hebert, Luci Geoffroy, Maria Parrie, Harley Courville and Spencer Guidry.

MUFFINS — Amalie Goudeau 1st, Shaylee Gibson 2nd, Alivia Gathe 3rd, Jade Fuller 4th and Mason Yoes 5th; Red Ribbons for Hollie Metz, Sarah Boudreaux, Blaze Bourque, Emilie Richard, Jillian Boudreaux, Hunter Gathe, Jacob Helms, Bruce Watson, Alexis Saensane and Kennedy Maggio; White Ribbons for Molli Richard and Bella Richard.

PIES — Brianna Boutte 1st, Zachary Guillory 2nd, Kassidi Johnson 3rd, Macie Monte 4th and Mason Sellers 5th; Red Ribbons for Jacob Helms and Grace Delahoussaye.

Continuing Education

Students participating in the 4-H program throughout the year have the opportunity to take Cooking 101 with Cahee. Formerly called “Six Easy Bites,” the 4-H nutrition model teaches healthy eating that includes a balanced meal featuring the five food groups displayed on “My Plate” — a graphic divided plate that shows children the types of food that comprise a healthy meal. During the summers, 4th-6th grades can take part in Kid Chef, Cahee said.

For information about the 4-H cooking and nutrition programs, call Cahee at 369-4441.


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