While restaurants are shutting down dining rooms and people are being asked to stay home because of the coronavirus pandemic, Hot Box Food Delivery in New Iberia is going out of its way to bring the food to the public.

Hot Box Food Delivery, which opened in January, offers local deliveries to local restaurants to residents in the area.

Located at the Plantation Plaza on Lewis street, Hot Box Food Delivery goes the extra mile — literally, according to Ciera Miller, office manager for Hot Box Food Delivery.

“We do deliveries that other companies don’t want to do,” Miller said. “We service all the way to Loreauville, Lydia, Grand Marais, parts of Jeanerette.”

Hot Box Food Delivery also serves areas like Coteau, Youngsville and recently started delivering in Abbeville, Delcambre and Erath.

“So we have those delivery services over there where they have none at all,” Miller said.

Brothers Derrick and Rodney Wright, owners of Hot Box Delivery, opened their food delivery business because they were looking to give back to the community of New Iberia.

“They are looking to give back to those who gave to others,” Miller said. “We have people who try to order food delivery but they can’t because they don’t offer it to them.”

Because she lives in Lydia, Miller knows the lack of food delivery options in many communities.

“But with Hot Box, they give back to us because we are part of the community,” Miller said. “We also allow customers to give out donations with their tickets. Customers can give back to different charities and our restaurants do as well, as they allow them to give back to their charity of choice.”

Some of the 30-plus restaurants that Hot Box Food Delivery offers delivery that is still currently open in New Iberia include A Spot of Tea, Pelicans on the Bayou, La Pizza Mia, Seafood Connection, Shawarma Guys, Bon Creole and A-Bears.

“That’s what we offer now because a few restaurants are closed down with everything going on,” Miller said.

Hot Box Food Delivery’s charges depend on the restaurants, ranging from $1.99 to $4.99.

“We run specials all the time,” Miller said. “From 99 cent delivery, we throw out promo codes, it’s just we’re always promoting something on our Facebook page.”

Though some New Iberia’s restaurants have closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced restaurants to shut down in-house dining and now only offer drive-thru, take out or delivery, other areas have been great for business.

“Our Abbeville and Delcambre area have been great with orders,” Miller said. “Nobody wants to get sick. A lot of elderly or kids are ordering for their parents.”

Anyone interested in placing an order through Hot Box Food Delivery can reach the service through its Facebook page or its in-house app, “Hot Box Food Delivery,” an app that allows people to order food on the phone, or call Hot Box Food Delivery office at 231-0221. Orders also can be placed from the website hotboxfooddelivery.com.

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