Marla Moore can’t say “going out of business” sale because she is not — really — although Friday will be her last day at the shop she has occupied for more than 20 years on St. Peter Street across from the church. The merchandise is just changing, and with that, the clothes, too. She has literally dropped in dress sizes as she has practiced what she preaches about eating herbs and alkaline. The Sorrel native has been meeting the Teche Area community as a bridal consultant, wedding planner, dress and tux, formal accessory retail shop. She is 100 percent customer service oriented and now she is moving onto another phase in her life.

This is nothing new, however, but actually culminates from childhood. She remembers her grandmother, great aunt and also her mother growing and eating herbs. Homegrown vegetables are one thing, but the herbs used to season foods have their own intrinsic value that Moore personally has experienced from eating right, a good choice. When her husband’s health required a change in her cooking habits, Moore researched and developed an alkaline diet, combining — for convenience — her favorite and health beneficial herbs and spices. Now, she is traveling the U.S. talking about her FDA approved alkaline seasonings and having a ball. Her story was first told in The Daily Iberian Sept. 12, 2018. What a difference a year has made in her life.

What brought this change in your life where you are closing one business to be able to focus on another?

I thank God because I’ve been in this business for 22 years. I’m calling it a retirement sale because it feels like I’m retiring from it. I just want to do something different and I feel God is pointing me in a new direction because I love helping people and I do if for myself. I just love herbs and the idea I’m helping somebody. If we’re not, what are we doing? I’ve been doing herbs since I was a little girl. My grandparents always had a garden and taught me about the healing aspects of various herbs. It’s beautiful. I strayed away like most kids do, but came back to it when I was obese.

You are traveling a lot. Is that for training or sales trips?

Some of both. I do a lot of training and seminars, helping people get in tune with alkaline diets. Some people are but a lot don’t know about it. California, they got it. Three weeks ago I was in Albuquerque, 3,500 to 5,000. After speaking a lot of people came up to the table. They asked questions and bought seasoning. My first seminar I was so nervous and my son told me, just get out there and be Marla. I looked out at all these people, started talking and sharing and they finally had to raise their hands that time was up. I had so much more to say. My son said, I didn’t even know who you were up there. It was like you were a fish in water, something you’ve always been doing. I said thank God, because I wasn’t a speaker, I just loved telling people about what I was doing.

How do people find out about you? Are you still making it in south Louisiana?

Most of the time they contact us. And I have an assistant that sets me up at expos, things like that. Yes, I still have it made in Louisiana.

The last interview, you had sold about 98,000 units. What are you up to now?

I really stopped counting, but I guess around 200,000. Most are still sold in California. They really understand the health benefits of the alkaline diet, and that’s what my seasoning blend is all about. My niece Destiny Lewis is my assistant.

Do you plan on moving out there?

Oh no, I might get a house, but my mom still lives in Sorrel. She’s in her 80s and I’ll always come back home.

Are there recipes on your website?

No, the only time I do recipes is when I’m planning menus for someone specifically. I do that, (custom menu planning) especially for people with cancer. I wouldn’t give them anything with sugar, that feeds the cancer. I want to kill that cancer. I like to give people information about how to heal themselves. And I thank God that I’m real knowledgeable about the herbs and what kills cancer cells. In the Bible in Genesis, Ezekiel, and revelation god speaks of the herbs for the healing of the nations. And yes, God does heal. I had high blood pressure, I was diabetic and herbs healed me. I didn’t do it myself, but God’s herbs. Nothing man have can help you. A lot of people get into going to the doctor. They are not there to heal, but to treat, only God can heal.

How do people buy your product locally?

They have it at Simoneaud’s on Admiral Doyle and BiLo. Or they can call me at 492-3827, if they need more information. I love to encourage people to take care of themselves. They only have one life and I used to wake up hurting or have inflammation, ankles swelling, but you live a better life when you’re feeling better. Now if I’m hungry, I get me an apple or pear, something instead of fast food. I feel better and I want to help other people feel better, too. That’s me.

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