By Aaron Gonsoulin

The Daily Iberian

From a young age, Phil Sandoz would watch his mom in the kitchen and enjoy their time together and now he’s able to remember her still.

A native of New Iberia, Sandoz said his mother Mirtle Sandoz collected Daily Iberian Cookbooks that he still has to this day.

“The cookbook collection was my mother’s. She always looked forward to the Sugar Cane Festival edition of the Daily Iberian which included a cookbook,” Sandoz said. “She collected the cookbooks for years.”

After her death, Sandoz said he received her collection and now wants to share them with anyone who would like to have one.

Now retired, Sandoz said he and his wife travel in their motor home, seeing the country. Now a resident of Texas, Sandoz said some of his favorite memories of his mom involved being in the kitchen with her.

“I remember my mom cooking great meals and family gatherings with a lot of laughter and times of special meaning,” Sandoz said.

Sandoz said while he was in the kitchen and saw his mom, he would take notes and still uses the life lessons he learned back then to this day.

“I think I picked up some cooking skills and meaning from my mother,” Sandoz said.

Every time Sandoz looks back to those days making cookies or Thanksgiving afternoons whipping mashed potatoes, making gravy and all the other fixings that go with it, he said he still keeps her memory alive.

Some of the recipes in the cookbooks that he has include some of his favorite recipes from local cooks and there are ecen old

advertisements for a lot of businesses that no longer exist, he said.

For Sandoz, one of his favorite aspects when it comes to cooking is bringing people together around a dinner table to break bread together.

“Good things to eat with special people,” Sandoz said.

The cookbooks are still in rotation, though, for Sandoz and his wife, who use them every once in a while when whipping up recipes.

“Sometimes myself or my wife will use them for special recipes,” Sandoz said. “Mostly browse them for the ads.”

Though he’s miles from his original home, Sandoz likes to look through the cookbooks of years past, as it keeps him close to his roots and his family legacy.

“Although I live in Texas, my memories of families and cooking is part of my Cajun heritage,” Sandoz said. “So, cooking and eating and gathering hold a special place for me.”

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