New Iberia’s Fixin’2 be Fit specializes in healthy food prep. She Started the company 2018 by Angele Bulliard after successfully losing a considerable amount of weight. Now she is using her journey to help others in need.

By Aaron gonsoulin

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While growing as a person in college, Angele Bulliard realized what it truly meant to live a healthy lifestyle.

Now Bulliard, 28, wanted to take the lessons she learned at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and put them into work for her business, Fixin’2 be Fit, a restaurant based in New Iberia started in 2018 that specializes in meal prep for those who want to feel better about themselves.

Fixin’2 be Fit allows you to customize your meals to your personal needs and they deliver twice a week at no additional charge. Fixin’2 be Fit also allows for you to pick up your prepared meals.

“We do anything from customized meals,” Bulliard said, adding, “So if somebody wants to lose weight … lifestyle maintenance, family dishes and also for bodybuilders.”

Before opening Fixin’2 be Fit, it was a journey for Bulliard as she learned what her body truly needed.

While spending eight years as a Ragin’ Cajun, Bulliard earned three different degrees: child and family studies, health promotion and wellness and a certifications in nutrition, and it was there where she began the early stages for Fixin’2 be Fit.

“I always knew I wanted to do something with health and wellness,” Bulliard said

As Bulliard continued to work out, she began to see results in her body and lifestyle when she started meal prepping for herself.

Meal prep is the process of planning and preparing meals for the coming week, sometimes used when trying a healthier lifestyle.

Initially, Bulliard prepped her food and weighed it out, seeing a 20-pound loss, and she wanted to keep at it so she was comfortable with her body.

“I was never overweight, but I wasn’t where I wanted to be,” Bulliard said.

After achieving that personal success, Bulliard said she was approached by a friend a year later who wanted to lose weight but wasn’t sure how to start.

“She lost close to 70 pounds in about eight months from eating just the food,” Bulliard said.


At Fixin’2 be Fit, their meals consists of equal parts protein, vegetables and carbohydrates.

An injury prevented her from working out, so her weight loss was thanks in large part to Bulliard and her meal preps.

Bulliard was then able to grow from her first client and now has over 150 customers from different parts of the Teche Area, with New Iberia, St. Martinville and Lafayette being some of her most popular locations.

With over 1,500 meals made each week by herself, her staff and head chef, Hardie McDonald, Bulliard’s passion for the healthy lifestyle is based on the fact it was harder for her to find both healthy and flavorful meals in the area.

Bulliard said, economically, it also makes sense in the long run, too.

“It also saves you money, and you don’t have to end up going to the grocery store, because we do that for you,” Bulliard said.

One aspect for Fixin’2 be Fit for Bulliard that she loves is the meals are flavorful so people won’t get tired of eating the same protein, carb and vegetable every day.

A popular meal right now at Fixin’2 be Fit is jambalaya, made with lean chicken breast, low sodium sausage and cauliflower rice.

“I’m not going to eat something if it doesn’t have flavor,” Bulliard said. “My menu goes around the world because we have so many options.”


Angele Bulliard started weighing out her food portions and found it led to great success.

Ever since the start of COVID-19, Bulliard said many have reached out to her and her team to learn ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

“They have it in their mind they want to live longer,” Bulliard said. “You can look good if you work out but it’s 80 percent of what you’re eating to eat good and feel better.”

From her first client to where she and her company is now, Bulliard is proud of the growth and happiness for them.

“It’s a great feeling to know something I am doing for people is actually working,” Bulliard said.

For more information on Fixin’2 be Fit, visit their Facebook page or their website: For a more personal conversation on a goal, call Bulliard at 519-6589.

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