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We asked, you answered. New Iberia is definitely crazy about crawfish, and we’re now finding out just why. Our third-place restaurant from the original poll is Jane’s Seafood. In the last couple of weeks, you’ve given us the deets — just why Jane’s Crawfish makes you so crazy. We asked you to rate Jane’s on a scale of 1-5 (one being lowest, five just about perfect) about five different categories: Size, price, spice, peelability and cleanliness. Here’s what you answered:

Size: 47.6 percent rated Jane’s crawfish a 4, 28.6 percent a 5.

Price: 38.1 percent gave Jane’s a 3 for price, 28.6 percent a 4 and 23.8 percent a 5.

Spice: 38.1 percent rated spice a 3 (middle of the road), 28.6 percent said 4, very spicy, and 14.3 percent VERY very spicy. 

Peelability: 57.1 percent gave Jane’s a 5, 19 percent gave them a 4, 14. 3 percent voted Jane’s a 3.

Cleanliness: 57.1 percent rated Jane’s crawfish a very clean 5, while 28.6 percent voted them a 4.

Voting continues on our website, Click here to give your detailed ratings today on our number 2 crawfish place, Little Lobsters.


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