Cliff Dressel seeks reelection as St. Mary Clerk of Court

Cliff Dressel

St. Mary Parish Clerk of Court Cliff Dressel is asking for another term as he seeks re-election to his office for the Oct. 12 election.

Dressel said public service on behalf of St. Mary residents has been the honor of his lifetime, and he looks forward to continuing his service if afforded the opportunity by the voters of the parish.

“I believe that I am best positioned to lead the Clerk of Court’s Office based upon my many years of experience which includes three years as a deputy clerk, 14 years as chief deputy clerk and 35 years as Clerk of Court,” Dressel said.

“Over the years, one of my main goals, in addition to providing the best quality public service to our citizens, the legal community and researchers, has been to continuously identify ways to improve the technology surrounding the preservation of our public records.”

Dressel said the Clerk of Court’s Office is home to the history of the parish. From property deeds and mortgages to marriage licenses and civil and criminal records, the office is tasked with indexing and maintaining the large volumes of records that have been filed throughout the parish’s history, he said.

“Everyday, many more documents are added to the various collections using state-of-the-art scanning techniques and systems designed to efficiently catalog and present these records to anyone needing access,” Dressel said.

In addition to records management, Dressel said he serves as the parish’s chief elections officer, helping to ensure fair and honest elections during his time as clerk of court. The Clerk’s Office is also responsible for jury selection through the role of jury commissioner, a task Dressel said is fundamental to our democracy and a hallmark of the American judicial system.

Dressel also has served twice as president of the Louisiana Clerks of Court Association, and currently serves as a member of its Board of Directors.

“One of the proudest aspects of my tenure has been the great staff, past and present, that have served alongside me in the Clerk’s Office,” he said. “Without them, our office would not be the example that it is today for how a government office can and should be run.

“In seeking re-election, I am firmly standing on the record that our office has built through years of hard work and dedication to St. Mary Parish, a place I have called home my entire life.”

Dressel added that none of his professional success could be possible without the love and support of his wife, Renelle Robicheaux Dressel, their three children and eight grandchildren.

“To them, I am forever thankful,” he said. “And to the people of St. Mary Parish, your consideration and support on Election Day is much appreciated. Best wishes to you and your families.”

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