Stephanie Derouen won Week 3 of the Grid Quiz in a tiebreaker with John Williams and Daryl Alford after each had 15 correct picks in 19 games.

Suzette Romero and Jarrod Segura had 14 correct each, and Elizabeth Byrd, Fredy Thomas, Keith Landry, Aubrey Derouen, James Roy, Dana Viator, Malise McKenzie, Angela Landry, Ellen Carabine, Jacob Daly, Calvin Landry, Jordan Landry, Lynn Hebert, David Perez and John Rozyskie each had 13 correct.

Stephanie Derouen, Daryl Alford and John Williams lead the overall race with 40 out of 55 correct over three weeks.

John Rozyskie has 39 correct and Noris Rader III, David Perez, Jordan Landry, Calvin Landry, Fredy Thomas and Keith Landry have 38 each. Ten players are tied with 37 correct.

Ninety-nine people played this week and 100 have played at least once.

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