Details for 224624

Bids will be received at Community Development Institute
Head Start (“CDI HS”) Serving Lafayette, Iberia, and St.
Martin, LA until 3:00 p.m. CST on Friday, November 8,
Project Title: Willow Street Center Concrete Pavement for
Driveway, Parking area, and Bike Paths.
Issuing Agency: Community Development Institute Head
Start Serving Lafayette, Iberia, and St Martin, LA
Location: 1501 East Willow Street, Lafayette, LA 70501
The Invitation for Bid (“IFB”) documents may be obtained
from Mr. Finley Williams, Facilities Manager, fwilliams@ Tel. (337) 296-6462 beginning October 28, 2019.
The IFB is available in digital format (one per Contractor limit). Proposal preparation will be in accordance with Instructions found in the IFB. CDI HS reserves the right to waive
irregularities and to reject any or all bids. The Project(s) that
are the subject of this advertisement shall comply with the
wage rate provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act.
October 30, 2019