Landry motions dismissed

Eva Lewis, mother of 16th JDC Judge Lori Landry, speaks to media after Landry and 16th JDC District Attorney Bo Duhé came to an agreement that led to the dismissal of hundreds of motions filed against Landry asking her to be recused because of perceived bias against the District Attorney's Office and its prosecutors.

After two days of testimony and two days of conversations over the admission of audio files as evidence in a hearing regarding hundred of recusal motions filed against 16th Judicial District Judge Lori Landry, all of the motions have been dropped with prejudice.

In a joint statement Thursday afternoon, Landry and 16th JDC District Attorney Bo Duhé said they were committed to opening communication and eliminating the issues that have arisen between the DA's office and Landry.

"Bo and I talked, and decided it is best for us to do a reset and do the right thing for the community," Landry said in court with Duhé at her side.

"I want to applaud the community and echo that communication is important," Duhé said. "I look forward to addressing some of the issues that have come up through this."

Because the motions were dismissed with prejudice, it means the 36 issues and incidents included in the 27-page motion cannot be brought up in future filings.

More information will be available in The Daily Iberian newspaper and online at Friday morning.

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