Bayou Recruiter connects South Louisiana and in particular, Acadiana area employers with locals interested in new job opportunities

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Job Seekers

Bayou Recruiter is a convenient source for checking out area job openings from a variety of leading area employers.

For Employers

Sure a company might find some prospective employees looking at job opportunities by using help-wanted listings in a local paper or advertising on some jobs website, but who knows what job prospects are seeing which listings? And what about the best applicants — those reasonably happy with their current employer, but who might be interested in your job opening, if only you could reach them? Active job seekers are sure to pick up a copy of Bayou Recruiter to see what jobs it offers, but adding even more value is the chance to reach those not actively looking for a job, but who check out this jobs magazine curious to see what's offered, and who see your opening and decide they are interested.