What made the beading on her wedding dress so special

Laura Johnson Segura

Vendor Shoutouts:

Hair & Makeup: Britney Angelle (Shear Bliss Salon)

Band: Nik-L Beer

Catering: Vermilionville

Photography: Shane Falgout

Wedding cake and Groom’s Cake: Donna Usie

Florist: Something Borrowed Blooms

Location: Vermilionville Historic Village

What did you love the most about your dress?

My mother hand beaded the top of my dress and that was definitely the most special part of the dress to me.

Is there someone that you wish could have been at your wedding?

My grandpa, but unfortunately he passed away a few years before our wedding day.

Is there anything you wish you wouldn't have worried about before the big day?

The catering budget. I was so sure that we would go over budget, but everything turned out perfectly fine in the end! I spent a lot of hours stressing about that, and I really shouldn’t have worried.

What advice would you give to someone planning a wedding?

Accept help! If someone wants to help you and you are getting overwhelmed, let them! You don’t have to do it alone. You have lots of people who love you and want to be part of the celebration in some way.

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