4 locally created coffee brands

A look at Acadiana's caffeine scene


Rêve Coffee Roasters

If you’ve been to Rêve, you know it’s something of a unique experience. More than just a cup of coffee, Rêve seeks to bring new creations to the South Louisiana mix. Rêve also says their coffee is for everyone from the grandfather who drinks their coffee black, to the granddaughter sipping coffee milk. Smooth and pleasant to the last drop, Rêve’s coffee leaves you begging to try more, trusting that even if it’s a unique creation you know, it’ll be amazing. 


Orange Island Coffee 

Located in New Iberia, this brew needs little in the way of sugar and cream. This lovely cup of coffee warms your body with every sip. Served at the cafe located in the beautiful Rip Van Winkle Gardens, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy your cup while looking over Lake Peigneur. Need more Orange Island on your way out? Pop by the gift store or go online to get your fix of this fantastic treat. 


Acadian Coffee Roasters 

Take it from the owners, Nancy and Nancy this brew is certified 100% organic bliss. Located in Lake Charles, Acadian Coffee Roasters is considered a micro-roaster, offering beans featuring only Rain Forest Alliance and Fair Trade Arabica beans. For Acadian Coffee, roasting in these small batches means that each order will arrive as fresh as these beans come. Socially conscious and delicious is one potent combination in this smooth cup of java. 


Mello Joy 

If you’re from the Acadiana area, chances are you, or someone you know worked for Mello Joy over the past decades. Started right here in South Louisiana, this hometown brew has rooted itself deep within Cajun Country. The sole provider of the “Ragin Cajun” blend, this dark “French Roast” treat is served right on the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s campus daily and can be found in grocery stores across Acadiana.

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