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Sweeping Changes Set for Hunting and Fishing in Louisiana

Learn what’s different with hunting and fishing licenses.

License Lowdown

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In a long-awaited effort to bring Louisiana hunting and fishing licensure in line with other states in the region, and to generate much-needed funds to support its operations, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) has realigned the way it will issue licenses.

It’s been two decades since the department altered fees or regulations for licenses and tags, and only now, after a steady decline in revenue formerly supplied by the oil and gas industry, have they adjusted course. The changes are set to begin June 1, 2022 and are considered more an overhaul than a tweak.

Here’s what you need to know:

- If you already have a lifetime hunting or fishing license (currently $300 each), it will still be honored in the new system and will include additional gear privileges. Currently either of these licenses can be converted to a combination license for a $200 conversion fee; that will no longer be an option after June 1, 2022, and you will instead need to purchase a Sportsman’s Paradise license for $500, if you want a combination license – $100 for seniors.

- Applicants for a yearly combination license (Sportsman’s Paradise) will see a small increase to $100 per year. There are no fee increases for seniors who already qualify for discounted rates.

- Licenses will no longer expire on June 30 each year; rather, a license purchased on any day of the year will be good for 365 days.

- Whereas multiple licenses are currently required to hunt or fish across different categories (for example, rod fishing versus trapping), the new structure will cover more privileges under one license.

- Fees for yearly basic licenses will increase by several dollars, depending on the category.

- 15 years was considered the age eligible for a youth license; however, that age threshold has increased to 17 and under.

- Printed (rather than digital) deer tags will still be required, but LDWF hopes to have electronic tags available for the 2022 season.

- New boat registration fees will go into effect November 15, 2021.

For a complete and detailed description of all the changes set to take place, or to apply for licenses or tags, visit the LDWF website at wlf.louisiana.gov.

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