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A matter of good taste

Food & Wine Pairing

Wineshop Owners Present the Perfect Match for All Your Tastebuds

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The only thing more gratifying than sipping delicious wine that’s been thoughtfully paired with the perfect food is listening to Katie and Denny Culbert talk about it. The owners of Wild Child Wines in Lafayette bring to their shop and their customers an enthusiasm for vino and and designer accessory boutique, and Denny is a professional photographer who specializes in food and beverage).

The neighborhood wineshop carries an extensive selection of small production, organic and biodynamic, natural wines and is always eager to answer questions meal. We could think of no better duo than Katie and Denny to take on the bitter, salty, spicy, aromatic, acidic/sour, and roasted.

Here, in their own words, are their recommendations. Bon appetit!


Tissot, Cremant de Jura Blanc Extra Brut (NV)

Region: Jura, France

Price: $32

Food: Lucía Bakehouse Donuts

This biodynamic treat is dry and creamy and bready and heady. The thought of drinking this with our friend Rob Sandberg’s carefully crafted filled donuts makes our mouths water. Find him every Saturday morning at the Lafayette Farmers Market.


YoYo, Vent Debout Rose (2020)

Region: Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Price: $35

Food: Pot o’ Greens

Next to tinned fish and pizza, salady things are at the top of the list of foods we consume on a regular basis. For the winter we’re dreaming of a big pot of collards with a bottle of Domaine Yoyo’s ‘Vent Debout’ Grenache rosé. Rosé from the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France (think southwest Mediterranean vibes) has a little extra heft and saltiness that makes eating your greens a treat.


Jon Goenaga, Getariako Txakolina G. 1200 (2019)

Region: Basque, Spain

Price: $35

Food: Espinaler Anchovy Stuffed Olives & Torres Potato Chips

We love Spanish snacks just as much as we love Spanish wine, and these Spanish olives and chips (both available in our shop) are the perfect salty companions for this crisp, slightly effervescent white wine. Grab all three for the ideal afternoon.


Stein, Riesling Blauschiefer Trocken (2019)

Region: Mosel, Germany

Price: $35

Food: Spicy boudin from Johnson’s Boucaniere

Riesling is the be-all, end-all when it comes to pairing wine with spicy food. We have a lot of Riesling in the shop. A lot. The world of Riesling is vast, ranging from sweet/minerally to bone dry and everything in between. Thankfully the world of spicy food in this area is also vast. We love to drink this dry Riesling with a link of boudin from our neighbors down the street at Johnson’s Boucaniere. It cuts through all the fat and heat and leaves you invigorated.


Manuel Cantalapiedra ‘Lirondo’ Verdejo (2020)

Region: Castilla Y Leon, Spain

Price: $26

Food: Tinned fish and pickles

The first time we drank this wine, our minds immediately drifted to thoughts of tuna fish salad sandwiches, heavy on the pickles. Lirondo has a special place in our hearts. It’s a skin-contact wine (white wine grapes fermented with the skins on). That skin-contact adds a little texture and pizazz to an otherwise simple white wine grape. Drink cold, cold and drink often!


Martha Stoumen Wines, Post Flirtation Red Blend (2020)

Region: Mendocino, California

Price: $32

Food: Lebanese Mezze

This wine is such a crowd pleaser. Put a nice chill on it and drink it with just about anything. We are so lucky to have such an abundance of Lebanese and Leba-Cajun food in this town, and this light and savory wine just screams for a colorful spread of spiced grape leaves, herby tabbouleh, fried kibbeh, and hummus.


Vignerons Les Matheny, Arbois Poulsard (2018)

Region: Jura, France

Price: $51

Food: Your Holiday Spread

Buy a bottle of this wine for your upcoming holiday feasts. Poulsard is a rare and difficult grape indigenous to the Jura region of France. When you find a bottle, especially from the stellar winemaking team of Elise and Emeric Foléat, grab it. Think pinot noir with more earthiness, more umami-ness, more enchantment.

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