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All is merry and bright in this month’s issue of Acadiana Lifestyle, where you’ll find everything you need to deck the halls, find your Christmas cheer, and ring in the new year with style. And if you’re stumped on who our cover Secret Santa is, you’ll find the answer inside!


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Certain sides are a mainstay on the holiday menu. Green bean casserole, anyone? In fact, in some families, it’s downright sacrilege to suggest anything different. We put out a social call on Facebook to curate your favorite (and least favorite) sides during the holidays. Check out what we learned.

Spend five minutes with Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser, and your assumptions about his unwavering love for Louisiana will be forever affirmed. “There’s no place in the world like Louisiana,” he says. “It’s our culture, our food, music and history. We’re one big gumbo with a lot of thing…

As Christmassy as those red, white and pink leafy plants are, poinsettias are not the only option for the season. Florists from across Acadiana show us how to think beyond the poinsettia with trend-setting approaches to festive floral arrangements.

After last year’s more subdued Christmas, it seems only fitting to get extra excited about festive decorations this December. Incorporating new holiday ideas or changing up the look you always go for doesn’t mean a complete overhaul of your existing décor – or breaking the budget. We caught …

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The people below each appear somewhere in this issue of Acadiana Lifestyle. Can you tell which of the holiday wreaths pictured on the following page belongs which person? Try matching them up by entering your guesses in the circles that accompany each photo. Take a photo of this page showing…

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Having a shop of her own has always been a dream for Denise Hebert, owner of The Blue Butterfly Boutique in New Iberia. For ten years before opening her store at 141 West Main Street, she had been making soaps and candles and, for several years, also held a decorative painting business. She …

The internet is becoming a mis-information highway lately, so it’s up to you to make sure your facts are actually...well...facts. We’ve come a long way as a society, particularly in the last decade, demystifying breast cancer and talking about it openly, but there are still some tenacious my…

Dining out is more than a pastime for Louisiana residents – it’s a lifestyle! And, while Acadiana has no shortage of stellar restaurants, many of the menu items make staying on a healthy track very challenging.

For Rhyan Shea Wheeler, job satisfaction has everything to do with the happiness and promising futures of children. A good day for the newly appointed CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Acadiana is one filled with smiling faces on the students who come through the Clubs’ doors from 3-7 p.m.