4 winners from the Iberia Film Festival

Cajun Creations

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Carrie Simon 

Winner of Best Documentary Film and Best Local Film

Carl Weiss was shot 62 times and was blamed for the death of Huey Long. Now his family want the truth and the history books corrected. Dr. Donald Pavy Author of Accident and Deception: The Huey Long Story takes us through his life's pursuit of the truth.

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Quiet and Clear

Andre Rangiah and Andre (accent) Vedrun Jones

Winner of Best Louisiana Film and the People’s Choice Award

Peezoo, a young 13-year-old girl’s life in Franklin, Louisiana, stands at the brink of the edge. Her virginity gone, taken by a man who blocked her on Facebook, she finds herself with her father’s grasp ever tightening. Peezoo still aches for something more. Feeling the world’s forces looming over her shoulder, Peezoo decides to take back control of her body by entering an arm-wrestling match with the patriarchal town. Winner of the Best Louisiana Film, “Quiet and Clear’s” creators hail from Franklin as well. 

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Wildlife of the Atchafalaya Basin 

Dale Van Brocklin

Winner of the Best Nature Film and the Director’s Choice Award

Quiet and lovely, “Wildlife of the Atchafalaya” takes a subdued approach to film. Lacking both narration and music, the film seeks to show viewers what it’s like to relish in pure nature. Featuring the undisturbed wildlife in and around the Basin this film, created by Dale Van Brocklin of New Iberia seeks to give sight to some of our unseen animal neighbors of the area in a way that’s unintrusive to their habitat. 

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Modern Conveniences

James Edmunds 

Winner of the Best Special Effects and Best Experimental Film

Coming from New Iberia, creator and filmmaker James Edmunds seeks to excite viewers with his film “Modern Conveniences” and their impressive special effects and utterly thrilling nature. The film joins Dr. Anthony LePage, Creative Science Director for The PhewChurr Corporation, as he shows off his insane technologies such as a remarkable microwave that cools as quickly as it warms, a convenient self-making bed, crazy dry-cleaning right in your closet and much more.

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