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Letter From The Editor

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I was recently asked to define what Acadiana LifeStyle provides to the community. Honestly, the question gave me pause. There are so many different ways in which we hope to entertain and educate our readers, but being tasked with describing it in a few words was challenging. At our quarterly Editorial Board meeting at Little River Inn, Larry Hensgens casually said, “You provide such intimate views into people’s lives in the community.” And there it was, over fried catfish, the thing that Acadiana LifeStyle does differently summed up perfectly.

With that being said, we’re starting 2019 off with a few of those intimate glimpses. Our Most Interesting People honorees are an eclectic bunch! To give you an idea: I was in Arnaudville in the front yard of honoree (and cover star!) Dan Liu who was showing me the traditional dance of her native China. It was absolutely hypnotic; I’ll post a video to our social media accounts soon! As I was leaving I received a text message from Jennifer Beslin who was photographing honoree Terrance Morgan…it was a video of Morgan breakdancing in Parc Sans Souci. Watch our Facebook page for his tutorial video! Joining those two completely opposite dancers, our MIPs are a mix of entrepreneurs, artist, well known community members and a few you’ll likely be meeting for the first time!

This issue sets the bar pretty high for 2019. In the coming year, Acadiana LifeStyle is really going to put ourselves under the microscope. We’re taking a hard look at the content we provide and how we deliver it. You can expect to see some changes this year. We create this product for Acadiana and we want it to be the best reflection of this community as possible.

Here’s to growing together in 2019, Acadiana.