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Cajun Creations

Exploring Acadiana's Art Scene

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New Iberia Blues

By James Lee Burke

Simon & Schuster, Inc.

First Edition Signed Copies $28.99

In James Lee Burke’s most recent Dave Robicheaux mystery novel, Dave is reunited with an old friend Desmond Cormier. Cormier, who was living in poverty on the streets of New Orleans as a young man, twenty-five years later is a highly awarded film director making a movie in New Iberia. Dave pays a visit to Cormier at his residence at Cypremort Point. While there, Dave discovers a haunting and grisly murder scene. Dave and his new partner Bailey Ribbons start asking questions, however Cormier is not giving any answers. The whole crew gets involved in the investigation involving mobsters, deranged characters and Dave’s own dark ghosts who have haunted him for years.

Book Review Presented by Books Along The Teche


106 E Main St., New Iberia

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Ancient Songs

By Ashana Sophia

Available on Amazon and iTunes

Sherlock Holmes once referenced a Darwinian theory that music existed before human speech. He laments, “There are vague memories in our souls of those misty centuries when the world was in its childhood.” “Ancient Songs” is proof to this point. Each of the eight songs on the album feels as if they have always existed. The music is meditative, transcendent and powerful. If you have intentions you’d like to set, this is the ideal soundtrack to which to do so. Guitar is provided Chad Viator. Anna Laura Edmiston adds vocals and harmony.

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La Cadeau

By Becca Begnaud

Available at Vermilionville


A perfect accompaniment to the healing spirit of “Ancient Songs,” “Le Cadeau” is part documentary and part album. Healer Becca Beganud created this 24 track, 41 minute long album as a way to tell her personal story and the broader history of Louisiana French culture and beliefs. “La Cadeau” intertwines stories of the Cajun legacy, Begnaud’s own experiences and rejoicing and healing songs. 

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John Pharr Photography Exhibit

Paul Schexnayder Gallery + Studio

335 West St. Peter St., New Iberia


Upon retiring, New Iberia architect John Pharr began to focus on his photography skills. Pharr is a member of the Lafayette Photographic Society. His work focuses mainly on the birds and wildlife of South Louisiana. Pharr’s exhibit will be on display from February 4-28. The opening reception will be held on February 10 from 2-4 p.m. There will be cheese, wine and a live acoustic performance by Jared Babineaux.


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