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4 local artworks we love

Cajun Creations


A Magical Bayou Tale

Written by and Beautifully Illustrated by Alexis Braud

Autographed hardback copies available $17.99

Some may think gumbo is simply a delicious stew, but down in Cajun country we know a gumbo is so much more. The magic of history, family tradition, local customs and bayou seasoning meld to create a swirling wonder of flavor that enchants the senses and reminds us of home. It is just such an aroma that entices George as he wanders through the bayou on a lazy afternoon. Charmed by the scent of a far-off gumbo drifting on the breeze, George follows his nose and meets the mystical Nanny, who seems right at home in the swamp under her ancient oak trees. There Nanny and George prepare a gumbo rich in music, stories, laughter and Cajun secrets, for everything finds its way into a gumbo. As they dice, chop and stir, she will teach him how to put together the most important of Cajun dishes and impart a few lessons about life along the way.

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106 E. Main St., New Iberia

Maggie Johnson: Swag By Mag

Title of piece: “Wedding Jacket”

Available at: @swagbymag on Instagram

Price: Starts at $30

Maggie Johnson, an artist from Franklin, found her hobby of painting turned into a business this summer. Johnson’s speciality is her ability to take a pair of shoes or pieces of denim clothing and transform them with paint! All Swag By Mag products are painted by Johnson, and she finds the process requires a great deal of attention to find the right color pattern and perfect a product the way a customer wants it. The artist also brought our attention to what she calls a “thrift flip.” A thrift flip is described by Johnson as a project where she will “turn old clothes into something new and unique.” Johnson loves what she does and is appreciative of customers wearing her designs. “It’s a pretty cool thing to see people walking around wearing your art, and I think that’s what makes me so passionate about it,” Johnson said. Make sure to reach out to @swagbymag on Instagram

Megg Sorensen: Sparrow Papercraft

Title of piece: “Creole Cowboys”

Available at: shop.sparrowpapercraft.com and on Etsy

Price: Starts at $2

Wycinanki is a Polish paper cutting folk art that Megg Sorensen is enthusiastic about! What starts as handmade paper cutting by Sorensen, is completely changed into a print, sticker and much more! Sorensen kept tradition alive with the start of Sparrow Papercraft in 2018, and this business is a way for the artist to embrace her Polish roots. Sparrow Papercraft is also a way for wycinanki to be brought to life. “Polish artists were traditionally depicting themes they saw in their (often rural) lives, and I like to carry this on by depicting not only traditional Polish motifs, but scenes from my rural Louisiana life,” Sorensen said. Sorensen does just this by creating an annual Mardi Gras paper cutting, which draws the locals in and is one of her favorites to make! Check out Sorensen online or at markets and art events in Lafayette and New Orleans!

Mia Montero: Mia Montero Music

Music Available at: All streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes/ Apple Music, Amazon Music and Google Play.

At the age of 15, Mia Montero began performing and writing music and is a well-known musician around the Acadiana area. Montero’s drive and persistence pushed for her to get opportunities of a lifetime. “At 16, I booked my first band gig opening for the 2012 American Idol Winner, Phillip Phillips at Blue Bayou/Dixie Landin’ in Baton Rouge in the summer of 2017. Later that summer, I was asked by Disney Channel’s “Forever In Your Mind” to open for them as well for their show at Blue Bayou / Dixie Landin,” Montero said. The Christian musician is passionate about her work and feels called to share the Lord’s love with her audiences. Montero said she is praying the Lord continues to help her move forward in the industry. “Safe Again” and “Lost” are Montero’s two new singles and are available on all streaming platforms! Make sure to follow along with Montero as she chases her dreams!

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