A fashion shoot close to home

Letter from the Editor

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Since getting settled into our new office on Main Street, I have found myself taking daily strolls around our little block. Each time, I take out my phone to take a picture of something new. It could be a wall in our parking lot with beautiful texture, the light hitting church alley just right, a spray of flowers climbing an old building or just the stunning contrast of colors. When it came time to choose a location for our fall fashion series I thought, what better way to celebrate our new home than to do it right here in our own historic building and backyard? We had an amazing 19 fashion participants this year! What was incredible was that we were able to find more than enough backdrops for each of them within one block.

If you had missed the memo that Acadiana Lifestyle moved to Main Street, it was definitely clear on the day of our fashion shoot! We had models posing on our balconies and darting in and out of traffic. Our crew was crossing St. Peter Street helping lift a bridal gown and cathedral veil. The photographer was lying on the sidewalk for the sake of a shot. There was even one particularly dedicated account executive who dressed in a “Steampunk” costume, complete with a top hat, goggles and cane, and took a stroll down the street. In other words, it was a pretty typical Monday.

Check out the finished product on Page 24!

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