It's time for fans to begin nominating players for the Haik, Minvielle & Grubbs Law Firm/Daily Iberian Offensive and Defensive Player of the Week honors for the fifth week of the high school football season.

Nominate the Teche Area player of your choice by submitting a comment at the end of this story. List the player's first and last names, his school, and supporting facts such as stats or big plays that impacted the game. Please limit the nomination to one player, not a group of players (the defense, the whole team, etc).

Nominations conclude Monday afternoon.

From the list of nominated players, the sports staff of The Daily Iberian will select the top choices for inclusion in an online poll at beginning Monday afternoon. Fans then vote through mid-day Thursday, when the polls close.

The offensive and defensive players receiving the most votes from fans are named Players of the Week.

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