CYPREMORT POINT — Bond between father and son never was more evident than this past weekend when the father took the son out on the water and vice versa to fish the 51st annual Kay-Cee Saltwater Fishing Rodeo.

Don St. Germain, a Jeanerette native and veteran saltwater fisherman who spends much of his time here at his camp, went out all three days at the tender age of 80. St. Germain took his son Glenn St. Germain in the Lil’ Saint, a 20-foot Well-Craft, to their favorite spots and they came back with enough fish to win the major titles in the Inside Division.

When it became evident Labor Day Monday that Don would win the Boat Captain’s Award, the dean of the fishing rodeo wanted to give it to Glenn, who clinched the Inside Division’s Best All-Around Fisherman title with a hard-earned 157 points.

“I thought Glenn should get it. He did everything. He did all the driving and stuff. He took care of me,” Don said after the trophies and champagne buckets had been handed out by fishing rodeo officials with the sponsoring Knights of Columbus Council 3425.

The awards presentation followed a heavy rain that drenched fishing rodeo headquarters alongside Quintana Canal.

Surrounded by family members, many who he has taken fishing for decades, Don’s argument didn’t wash, especially with Glenn. The Lil’ Saint is Don St. Germain, the younger St. Germain indicated while holding his own huge trophy for winning the individual title after leading wire-to-wire since the holiday weekend event started Saturday.

Glenn insisted the Boat Captain’s Award go to “Pop.” It was his father’s fifth or sixth Boat Captain’s Award in either Kay-Cee Saltwater Fishing Rodeos or Iberia Rod & Gun Club Saltwater Fishing Rodeos, he said, noting he wasn’t sure of the exact number.

They went to the honey holes they always go to, he said, noting sometimes they pay off, sometimes they don’t. This time the “drum honey hole” just outside Southwest Pass paid off by giving them a 37.8-pound drum, which gave him a valuable first place, and also a 28.2-pound drum, which was good enough for second-place for Don.

“We tried Boxcar (Boxcar Reef). It was too rough. Dry reef is where we got the croakers,” Glenn said.

Ah, croakers. His 0.64-pounder probably won the title for him by sticking on the leaderboard the first two days. It was first when the scales closed Saturday and second when the scales closed Sunday.

It eventually got knocked off the leaderboard on the third and final day of the event — Sunday by Don Naquin’s 0.69-pounder and Monday by Seth Fangue’s 0.74-pound winner, Troy Tauriac’s 0.71-pound runner-up and Fangue’s third-place 0.70-pound croaker.

“The weather (high winds and rough seas) was a great factor. We dealt with the weather,” he said. “After the first day, there was a good point spread, a decent point spread.”

Glenn St. Germain finished with 157 points and was following in the final standings by Brady Larive, 113, and Chris Kapp Jr., 111.

Lil’ Saint’s 238 points topped Da Boat, 148, and Miss Ellie Voodoo, 133, for the Boat Captain’s Award in the Inside Division.

Notable fish in the Inside Division were the 5.01-pound first-place speckled trout weighed in Sunday by Kendal Migues and the winning 2.55-pound flounder Richard Montet carried to the little scale in a basket Monday.

Other winners included Heather Gonsoulin’s nice 3.31-pound sheepshead and Chris Kapp Jr.’s 29.2-pound redfish.

Tauriac was oh-so-proud of his second-place croaker. It was the last fish reeled into the boat Monday while fishing aboard the Jingaling, a 21-foot-long Hydra-Sport, with his friend Ron Joseph.

He caught it on a piece of small crab they had just caught, he said. The storm hit minutes later while they were on there way across Vermilion Bay to Quintana Canal, getting to the headquarters just before the scales closed at 1 p.m.

The Runabout Division, in which only two boats came in to weigh fish, was won by Paul Broussard with 552 points based on three fish he put on the leaderboard Sunday. He was followed in the Best All-Around Fisherman’s race by Avery Kingman, who put three fish on the leaderboard Monday for a total of 272 points.

Broussard finished with first- and second-place jack crevalle at 22.1 and 1.57 pounds, respectively, and a first-place spadefish at 0.56 pounds.

Kingman had a 25.3-pound lemonfish and first- and second-place white trout at 0.48 and 0.27 pounds, respectively.

Team Tomahawk, the boat Broussard was on, won the Boat Captain’s Award with 536 points followed by Doc’s Therapy with 272.

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