Two players beat out rivals from nearby schools in intense voting this week to claim Player of the Week honors for the fifth week of the high school football season.

Loreauville quarterback Raymond Bonnette edged Catholic High receiver Andre Bellefontaine for Offensive Player of the Week honors, and Delcambre linebacker Dylan George held off Erath defensive lineman Hunter Darby for Defensive Player of the Week honors in voting by fans in The Daily Iberian’s weekly online poll at

The program is sponsored by the law firm of Haik, Minvielle and Grubbs. Fans nominate players online each week for the honors, and the top candidates are selected by the sports staff of The Daily Iberian for inclusion in the weekly online poll. The top vote-getter on offense and defense each week is named Player of the Week for that week.

Bonnette actually beat out five other candidates for Offensive Player of the Week honors, but it was largely a two-man race with Bellefontaine as the two combined for about 73 percent of the fan vote. Bonnette, who threw for 153 yards and four touchdowns and rushed for 67 yards and a TD in the Tigers’ 47-7 win over Hamilton Christian, netted 38 percent of the fan vote. Most of the starters for No. 5 Loreauville were out of the game by halftime.

Catholic High, ranked seventh in Class 2A this week, had a tougher opponent in Notre Dame, but Bellefontaine still came out with 11 receptions for 147 yards against the fourth-ranked team in Class 3A. He received 34.98 percent of the fan vote.

Also receiving votes on offense were St. Martinville running back Malik Anthony, who netted 10.7 percent of the fan vote after rushing for 164 yards and a TD in the Tigers’ 48-14 win at Opelousas; Delcambre quarterback Robert Primeaux, who rushed for 154 yards and a TD in the Panthers’ 41-6 win over Ascension Episcopal to garner 8.3 percent of the fan vote; New Iberia quarterback Jason Jones, who threw for 211 yards and a touchdown and rushed for a touchdown in a 43-7 win over Westgate and earned 7.2 percent of the fan vote; and Erath receiver Shay Primeaux, who had a 70-yard TD run, a 67-yard pass reception and a 70-yard TD on a punt return in helping the Bobcats beat Church Point 57-21, netting about 1 percent of the fan vote.

On defense, it actually was a two-man race, with George and Darby the only two nominees posted by fans.

George had five solo tackles and three assists to help Delcambre claim its first win of the season, and he received 56.5 percent of the fan vote online.

Darby had 11 tackles, five of them for losses, and one fumble recovery in the Bobcats’ big non-district win to receive 43.5 percent of the fan vote.

The Players of the Week receive a special T-shirt and certificate from Haik, Minvielle and Grubbs and The Daily Iberian for their efforts.

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