Nicole Shantell Walker and Otis Demond Anderson were married Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012, at Mount Olive Baptist Church No. 2 in New Iberia. The bride is the daughter of Magnolia Walker of New Iberia and the late George Walker Sr. The groom is the son of Shelia N. Smith and Willis Anderson Jr. of New Iberia.

The Elder Willie Polite Sr., uncle of the bride, officiated at the 3 p.m. ceremony.

Escorted by her brother and her mother, the bride wore a white full length, satin, A-line strapless gown, embellished with satin tulle layers accented with crystals and pearls.

She wore a white netted headpiece accented with a crown embellished with crystals. She carried a bouquet of red roses embellished with crystals and wrapped with white ribbon.

Serving as matron of honor was Laversha Mallery and maids of honor were Christine Walker and Michelle Walker. Bridesmaids were Kema Anderson, Courtney Barnes, Tina Joseph, Shawntelle Narcisse, Cassandra Nicholas, Kim Provost, Rhonda Vital, Hope Walker and Leslie Walker. Junior bridesmaids were Charity Walker, Jachelle Walker and Larrell Walker. Serving as junior bride and junior groom were Nia Anderson and Otis Anderson Jr. Serving as flower girl was Portia Mallery and Marquey Anderson served as ring bearer.

Serving as best men were Quincy Joseph, Dennis Mallery Jr. and Troy Nicholas. Groomsmen were Kwan Anderson, Leslie Daye, Ennis Simon Jr., Marcus Sophus, Allen Walker, Christopher Walker Sr., Jamie Walker Sr., Walter Walker Sr. and Kevin Zeaunce. Junior groomsmen were Javonte Knatt, Ja’Bryson JohnLewis and Keith Provost. Ushers were Jamie Walker Jr. and Walter Walker Jr.

A reception for family and friends was held at the Inn of Iberia.

Following a wedding trip to Destin, Fla., the couple will reside in New Iberia.

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