Brandie M. Simon and Brent J. Racheau were married Saturday, Oct. 6, 2012, at Antique Roseville. The bride is the daughter of Ricky and Jodie LeBlanc and Randall and Dona Simon of Abbeville. The groom is the son of Danny W. Racheau and Susie Blanchard Racheau of New Iberia.

Arlene Louviere officiated at the 3 p.m. double-ring ceremony.

The bride wore an A-line gown with a beaded bodice and cathedral train.

She wore a beaded fingertip-length veil.

She carried a bouquet of red roses wrapped in black ribbon and adorned with her late grandmother’s earrings.

Matron of honor was Dona Simon. McKenzie Simon served as a junior bride. Bridesmaids were Ashton Racheau, Charlize Louviere and Chloe Louviere.

They each carried a bouquet of cream-colored roses, blue delthiniums, navy alstroemeria and cream-colored baby’s breath.

Serving as flower girl was Claire Louviere and ring bearer was Grant Frohlich.

Best man was Cory Broussard. Groomsman was Blake Simon.

A reception for family and friends was held at Antique Roseville.

Following a wedding trip to Orlando, Fla., the couple will reside in New Iberia.

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