Diana Marie Savoie and Kenneth James Hart were married Saturday, May 19, 2012, at Lydia First Baptist Church. The bride is the daughter of Adam and Lelia Moreaux, Dale Guillot and the late Mary Moreaux. The groom is the son of Willie Hart and Doreen Kelley.

Pastor Joe Wilson officiated at the 5 p.m. ceremony.

Escorted by her brothers Jerome Romero and Joe Romero, the bride wore an A-line strapless gown with a chapel train, beading, lace-up tie and organza.

For her headpiece she wore an elastic woven satin butterfly headband accented with diamonds and a hanging veil.

Serving as maids of honor were Felicia Bonin and Kim Couriville.

Bridesmaids were Nikki Touchet and Jada Hart.

Serving as flower girl was Lily Borgerson and Harleigh Romero.

Ring bearer was Patrick Borgerson Jr. and Javontae Broussard.

Serving as best man was Billy Cox. Groomsmen were Willie Hart, Patrick Borgerson Sr. and Robert Borgerson Sr.

Ushers were Paul Savoie Jr. and Logan Broussard.

A reception for family and friends was held at the Lydia Park Pavilion.

The couple will reside in New Iberia.

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