Katie Ann Prados and Joshua Jude Boutte were married Saturday, June 29, 2013, at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Loreauville. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerard “Buster” Prados of New Iberia and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Boudreaux of Loreauville. The groom is the son of Mr. an Mrs. Ezio DiSante of Lafayette and Mr. and Mrs. Ronald “Bookie” Boutte of Loreauville.

Given in marriage by her parents, the bride wore an elegant fitted, strapless gown with an organza overlay in white. The gown featured a fitted ruched bodice with a side drape and appliqués of crystals with covered buttons along the back, ending in a chapel-length train.

She carried a hand-tied bouquet of green calla lilies and assorted pink roses.

Serving as matrons of honor were Tanya Viator and Stacey Hebert. Bridesmaids were Alana Bourque, Jamie Berard, Crystal Courville, Donna Massari, Brittany Thompson and Danielle Elter. Junior bridesmaids were Cassidy Courville, Breigh Viator and Keely Romero.

Flower girl was Payton Barras and ring bearer was Carter Vitor.

Serving as best man was Jeffrey Matherne. Groomsmen were Heath Prados, Kirby Ronsonet, Willie Ronsonet, James Bruce Clark III, Daniel Broussard, Ryan Hebert and David Thompson. Junior groomsman was Cameron Courville.

Ushers were Randy Viator, Scott Courville and Christopher Massari.

A reception for family and friends was held at St. Theresa’s Hall in Loreauville.

Following a wedding trip to St. Lucia, the couple will reside in Loreauville.

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