Nicole Kathryn Oubre and Brody John Doucet were married on Friday, April 24, 2009, at The Caldwell House in Abbeville. The bride is the daughter of Timothy and Vickie Oubre of New Iberia and the groom is the son of Debbie Spinks of Abbeville and Sonny Doucet of St. Martinville. Officiating at the candle-light garden ceremony was Justice of the Peace Barbara Broussard.

For her wedding, the bride wore a strapless, fitted mermaid-style ivory-colored capri taffeta gown with a corseted back and lace decorating the neckline and accenting the waist and hip. The gown featured a chapel-length train. The bride wore an ivory-colored fingertip veil. She carried a bouquet of pink roses, renuculas , tulips and hydrangea.

Natalie Oubre, sister of the bride, served as maid of honor. She carried a bouquet of pink roses, tulips and renuculas. Lauren Dooley served as flower girl.

Charles Maraist served as best man. Dylan Pent served as usher.

A reception was held for family and friends at The Caldwell House in Abbeville. After a wedding trip to Aruba, the couple will reside in Lafayette.

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