Summer Rene LeBlanc and Cleo John Babin were married recently at St. Martin de Tours Catholic Church. The bride is the daughter of Dawn Touchet and Anthony LeBlanc of New Iberia. The groom is the son of the late Barbara and Leonard Babin.

Monsignor Douglas Courville officiated at the 6 p.m. double-ring ceremony.

Serving as maid of honor was Shani Touchet. Matron of honor was Cheryl Gonzales. Bridesmaids were Donna LeBlanc, Shantel Boudreaux, Shannon Touchet, Stephanie Babin and Jasmine Touchet.

Serving as flower girls were Marlee Gonzales and Ava Ibach. Ring bearer was Bayden Boudreaux.

Best man was David Boudreaux. Groomsmen were Ryan LeBlanc, Tony LeBlanc, Troy Douet, Tony Douet, Shane Babin and Blaise Touchet.

Ushers were Jonathon LeBlanc, Josh Floyd and Rob Babineaux.

A reception for family and friends was held at La Louisiane Banquet Hall.

The couple took a wedding trip to Cancun, Mexico.

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