Anthony Reale, 939 Iberia St. to Mallory Mahoney, 200 Wicklow Blvd.

Derek Sonnier, 609 Ashton St. to Ashleigh Theriot, 609 Ashton St.

Joshua Gaspard, 5701 Smith Road to Kristy Barras, 5701 Smith Road.

Don Jones Jr., 304 Rue de Gravelle to Kiara Matthews, 304 Rue de Gravelle.

Kristopher Romero, 1514 Dehart Drive to Amanda Butcher, 1515 Dehart Drive.

Wesley Meyers, 243 Hilltop Circle to Amanda Molbert, 243 Hilltop Circle.

Orlando Carrasco, 413 Dodson St., to Quantella Bourgeois, 413 Dodson St.

James Sam, 48 Cedar Hill Circle to Lori Collins, 48 Cedar Hill Circle.

Allen Alexander Jr., 902 Parkview Drive to Connie Polidore, 721 Monnot Road, Jeanerette.

Frank French IV, 210 Sugar Heights to Lacie LeBlanc, 210 Sugar Heights.

Rolando Simental, 9905 Eighty Arpent Road, Jeanerette to Brenda Ramos, 9905 Eighty Arpent Road, Jeanerette.

Matthew Robicheaux, 1170 Parker Road, St. Martinville to Ashley Derouen, 704 Carriage Light Loop, Youngsville.

Matthew Carey, 1160 A M Dauterive Road, St. Martinville to Michelle Matthews, 6310 Coteau Road.

Matthew Camacho, 11612 Old Jeanerette Road, Jeanerette to Meredith Martin,11612 Old Jeanerette Road, Jeanerette.

Peter Martel, 1501 1/2 Eden St., to Danielle Morvant, 1501 1/2 Eden St.

Jason Albert, 213 Augusta St., to Laini Bernard, 213 Augusta St.

Gordon Jackson Jr., 1606 Emily St. to Monica St. Julian, 1606 Emily St.

Shalico Andow, 1604 St. Jude St. to Kristy McIntyre, 1604 St. Jude St.

Clarence Farrier, 538 LaSalle to Albertina Cleary, 507 1/2 Johnson St.

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