The Rotary Club of St. Martinville recently staged its 66th annual Mardi Gras Ball, continuing a unique social and cultural tradition that has involved generations of St. Martin Parish families over more than six decades.

The royal court was presented in lavish costumes during the festivities held at the Cade Community Center. Krewe members celebrated to the theme of "Coronation of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette."

Reigning over the ball was 16th Judicial District Judge John E. Conery as King Rotary LXVI along with Queen Rotary Anne LXVI Nicole Patin.

Conery, who has been a Rotarian since 1970 and is a Paul Harris Fellow, is a native of St. Martinville and is the son of the late Joseph E. Conery and Mag delaLoire Conery. He is married to Brooksie Breaux Conery and has three children, two stepchildren and seven grandchildren.

Nicole Patin is the daughter of Assessor/Rotarian Lawrence and Judith Patin. A 2006 graduate of Breaux Bridge High School, she earned a degree in fine arts with a concentration in graphic design from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She is employed at the Teche News as a reporter and photographer. She also serves as executive director of the Tour du Teche.

Captain of the Ball was Rotarian Michael O'Brien, a practicing attorney with offices in St. Martinville and Lafayette. He is the son of Rita Merle Durand, a former St. Martinville Rotary Ball Queen.

Queen Mother was Rotarian Becky P. Patin. She holds the office of St. Martin Parish Clerk of Court. She is the daughter of Jenny Theriot and the late Ben Prosper. She is the mother of three children and six grandchildren.

Queen of the Mardi Gras was Regina Broussard Maraist, wife of Rotarian Charles "Chip" Maraist and the mother of three children and grandmother of four. She is a partner in the CPA firm Maraist and Maraist.

Princess Royal was Robbie Leslie. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Bourque of St. Martinville and is married to Darrel R. Leslie.

Royal pages to the King and Queen were Mary Frances Hebert Gavin Thibodeaux, Olivia Domino, Shane Bennett II and Demi Bennett.

Presented as debutantes were Claire Eggart, Rachel Formeller, Hailey Cade, Taylor Dupont, Kristen Bertrand and Amiee Baudoin.

Other debutantes presented were Tori Gaudet, Victoria Guidry, Alaina Frederick, Tori Hebert, Alyson Mestayer, Sport Johnson, Morgan Thibodeaux, Kobie Renard, Arrie Theriot, Leilani Theriot, Katie Champagne, Kami Roberts and Marleigh Lasseigne.

Presented as dukes were Justin Penn, Aaron Baudoin, Blake Theriot, Zachary Olivier, Pete Guidry, John Beslin, Sean Alfred, Laine Barras and Gannon Guidry.

Royal Dancers were Abigail Provost Breigh Anna LeBlanc and Samantha Trail.

The evening ended with dancing and music by Sideshow.

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