The article in The Daily Iberian on Sept. 16 by Mr. Lonny Badeaux deserves rebuttal for several reasons.  

He starts off speaking of education and then slams Jeff Landry, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney for “not getting it.”  All three of these gentlemen graduated from high school, received degrees from college (Jeff and Mitt have two degrees each) and have supported education all their political lives. So I ask, what do they not get? The writer never says.

I don’t believe in Communism either and I do object to curriculum’s that expose things to our children that is not part of the beliefs I have. I object to a lot of subjects that are fed to our children such as homosexuality, abortions, atheism and any others that are “un-American.” Mr. Badeaux mentions something about self-interest superceding the needs of the needy, but he fails to connect this to education, so it seems as if he is trying to direct his point toward the success of the three Republ-icans mentioned above. Mr. Badeaux closes by saying some believe in God, others believe in the almighty dollar. Again, no connection to education but I seem to remember Mr. Badeaux serving as a union president and threatening to go on strike every three years for more “almighty dollars.”

If the voting public wants to know about education and Jeff Landry, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney, all they have to do is “Google” their names and read their biographies. Then vote for them.


Jim Frith

New Iberia

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