As expected, the presidential race is getting more heated, from the candidates traveling all over the United States to the contributors to the local forum.

The rhetoric is predictable with comments about who lied about what, but it is hard to tell whether there are undecided voters.

The back-and-forth discussions on the forum, for example, consist mostly of comments alleging the other side is wrong and the people who have an opposing view obviously hasn’t a clue as to why they are wrong or simply lake the comprehension skills to understand why their candidate is so wonderful.

There are some attempts to debate and sway others of an opposing view, but the one thing that some of the “liberal” contributors and “conservative” writers on the forum share in common is the aggressive attacks on each other.

Although Louisiana cast its electoral votes to President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, it isn’t likely such a conservative state will be swayed to re-elected President Barack Obama. So, although some of the arguments might be entertaining, this is not a swing state and holds few electoral votes. That’s why Obama’s last notable trip to Louisiana was when BP was cleaning oil off of its beaches and out of its marshes, and he isn’t likely to turn out here any time soon. If he does, it would be a very brief stop in New Orleans.



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