Fruit flies are a summer plague. I had an interesting discussion with two of my close cousins about the tenacity of fruit flies and how they affect our human condition. We agreed that no matter how spotless and clean your home, you will find the unwelcome pests enter the scene and destroy the myth of domestic bliss for every clean freak that strives for the perfect husband, child, in-laws, and living space.

These fiends travel in hordes followed by dark rain clouds bearing down on us. They warn us of unpleasant forces of nature waiting to release a deluge of chaos upon our homes, gardens, weekend plans, football games, tailgating and any other plans we may have for a great weekend. It all falls apart as they begin the invasion into our homes and campers through the open drains in our kitchen sinks. These pesky creatures can breed anywhere there is a speck of food that has gone bad, like the rubber gaskets around the doors of your refrigerator or freezer. Every tiny spot where tiny piece of food may have dropped can begin the cycle of life; however gross this is we have to fight this swarm of invaders with every weapon we have available.

This brings up the question of how and what we must do to end this onslaught of the army of tiny bugs that wants to take over our homes and bring others of their kind to take up residence in our beloved households to plunder and destroy. There is controversy among my own family about the ways we should use our powers to rid ourselves of these invasions that will continue if we do not fight these insects and stop them.

I am of the mind of using weapons we can easily get our hands on, like bug spray, and it is readily available. The effects, however, are short lived. I have relied on them and I notice that it works for a time, and then they come back full force and mock me. They believe we are too weak and can’t win, but they haven’t got a clue. Their shoddy weapons are all duds. Shoo shoo’s, like the firecrackers that won’t explode and fizzle out on the pavement never to be seen again.

Know your enemy. Find out what attracts them. It’s fruit, over ripe fruit with high sugar content. This is our smoking gun. Trap them now that you know what they crave. Clean out your cabinet below the sink and get the glass jars you save and take care that strong odors are not present. Take a jar, a pint or a quart jar, and remove the lid and replace it with plastic wrap. Use toothpicks to make tiny holes through which they can enter. The flies are too stupid to figure out how to get out. This was a matter of concern to one of us. But they may not have been able to get a foot hold on the smooth glass.

I know of another trap that my skeptical cousin will love its apple cider vinegar. She loves the stuff. It obliterates the poor little things. There are two smoking guns for my other cousin. They are Banana Liqueur and Tequila. The rest is up to y’all. Experiment.

NANCY PEARCE is a resident of New Iberia and a former contributor to a liturgical guide for priests. Many of her features appeared in a major national publication for teenagers.

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